Places to dance

what is (or was) your favourite club and why? What have you missed about it specifically that you haven’t missed from other venues during lockdown?

Sub Club - we’ve gone for years on and off. We’ve had so many great nights in there over 20 odd years, the sound system, the friendly door and staff, some memorable nights from Slam in the early/mid 90’s right across the board to Moodymann to DJ Harvey, HMD there’s been loads. More than anything though the Saturday residents (since 1994!!!) Harri & Dom being 2 of the best DJ’s out there, always pushing new music and technically flawless and know the crowd better than anyone. Guests are there to compliment the nights and not relied on as such and not necessarily always on the bill, as Harri & Dom are the real draw anyway. Hopefully it will survive but it doesn’t look good. That being said other small parties will always rise out the ashes but for me his one would be a shame to lose


I went up from London, for Optimo at Sub Club.

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Lucky Cloud Soundsystem at The Rose Lipman, Giant Steps, La Terrrazza in Barcelona, Mister Sunday at Nowadays - NYC/Cielo for FK’s Deep Space - NYC.

In Birmingham, in it’s prime The Med Bar in Birmingham’s Custard Factory was a phenomenal club space. It got rinsed towards the end due to lack of venues but on a big night it would be popping as it had a Function 1 and a good sound engineer. Some of the DnB/Techno and Hip Hop nights I attended there were excellent, particularly in the Summer. Now it’s gone you realise how great it was, it’s really sad unfortunately and DJing there felt like I had accomplished something.

Out, dancing? At our age!? :slight_smile:

+1 for SubClub. Only manged to get up there a couple of times and its definitely one of the vibiest clubs I’ve ever been.

Managed to get to Griessemuhle in Berin last year for Cocktail d’Amore before it ended and that was fucking great. Sunday daytime dancing with a super friendly gay crowd. Proper.

Mint Club (RIP) was one of the best we’ve ever had here in Leeds. Sadly missed.

Really enjoiyed The Key for many mid 2000’s trips to London

Pikes. Obviously

living in Glasgow it’s really easy to take for granted how good we have it with the Sub Club. Obviously The Arches is much missed although to be honest I always thought it was a bit over-rated. I miss the sweatiness of La Cheetah and the intimacy of The Berkeley Suite a lot too.

London ones from years past:
loved The Key even though security were vile. that multicoloured dancefloor - all such a messy blur
plastics on a good night. what a system
the russian bar was a good laugh even though bar prices seemed to be completely arbitrary
i liked sosho too until it ‘mysteriously’ burnt down
visions was dirty and sweaty, a real little ravepit at its peak
the corsica was my fave venue by a mile though.

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For me it has to be The End, so many good nights. Always loved the Classic parties, seeing Derrick Carter in the main room, Luke, Rob in the small room.

Fabric in the early years 2000 - 2008, room three was always great fun.

Corsica studios - countless lowlife parties, alfos. Always a friendly crowd there. Bouncers were normally safe.

And a special mention to Dance Tunnel, met lots of new mates there.

Last year was my first time to Sub club (my stag do) absolutely loved it, can see why its always regarded so highly. Can’t wait to go back.

Barbarellas in Croatia is pretty special. Its also down the road from where my dad is from.

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Dunno. Bar Rhumba. The Loft. Anywhere that’s pitch dark with the odd strobe or smoke or especially for me. UV.
Getting lost in Heaven

The Room in hull from teenage years. The sunken dance floor was ace.

In Manchester, the music box. Proper head down sweat pit.

In London I thought cable was good and the print works. But I’d love to get back to one of the outdoor, daytime gigs.

Second vote for Mr. Sunday at Nowadays; couple days before moving away after 5 years NYC I was there with a couple of friends and we got caught in a summer rain shower. Everyone kept dancing, dj kept playing, sun came out again in a few minutes. Pure and joyous memory.

Good Room too, especially the bad room. They let Lena Willikens chain smoke thru her set, which must be in her rider or something. Sound move.

In Plymouth:

Zena’s (89-90)
It would be hard to explain how shit Plymouth was at the time and how this night/venue came along and changed everything, it was proper radio rentals .

The Warehouse (Plymouth)
Home to a lot of big raves and club nights (Cultural Vibes/ Scream). And even when it opened in 88 before the Rave’s started there it was a great mix of Pop and Club Sounds, it was very Balearic without knowing it (though the DJ does claim he went to a warehouse arty in London and thats what inspired his sound at the time).

Flava (mid-late 90s)
A Hip Hop night held at various venues over the city, the nights where usually packed, a who’s who of UK hip hop played there and the music/vibe was amazing.

And when I got out of town I really liked:

Disco Bloodbath
Various venues, always had a blast.

In Tokyo:
Sadly no longer there had some killer nights it there.