"Other blogs are available" (Soz Paul!)

Okay so we all know Test Pressing is the bees knees, the first port of call for all the hot tips, but Im a hungry guy who needs constant feeding of new music.

What are your other fav music pages to check out?

https://banbantonton.com/ Dr Rob- does this guy sleep??


If you like it cosmic, www.visceramusic.com has loads of different bits. Matt C & co are a truly lovely bunch, too.


https://www.listentothis.info/ - great download blog
20jazzfunkgreats | mp3 blog fanzine from brighton uk

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do you write abit for them jack??

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Bagging area, found it like most do when searching for Weatherall


I love Listen To This. Jen really knows her stuff and I think that she’s ended up setting the agenda for a lot of re-issued material lately. She’s also a really charismatic writer - so many of these blogs can be lifeless retreads of cliches but she really gets to why something is important and pleasurable for her.

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Have done in the past, mate! Some ace preview tracks on there.

So shameless self promotion :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

One recommendation a day, monthly radio show and a bundle of playlists, not to mention the record label :slightly_smiling_face: