One day in Paris

I have Saturday in Paris. Not interested in record stores as I am le Digitale nowadays but am interested in men’s clothing. Any recommendations very welcome.

check out the Rue Vielles des Temples branch of Chevignon. 45r have a branch just around the corner too.

Starcow at Les Halles is also worth a look, if you’re after streetwear. They have an outlet/discount branch on the Rue St Honore

Bleu de Paname on the Rue St Honore do some nice pieces too

Afterdrop and Royalcheese are worth a look too, Rue Tiquettone.

All of these are in and around Le Marais so shouldn’t eat too much time.

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Not really my style, but I was positively surprised by the streetwear section of La Samaritaine. Nice stuff on sale when I went.

These are all in and around the area by the Lourve, correct?

I’ll second Starcow and Royalcheese.

These also worth a look if you have time and all reasonably close together:

Gomina - 36 Rue de Saintonge, 75003
Beaubien - 21 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003
Centre Commercial - 2 Rue de Marseille, 75010
The Archivist Store - 13 Rue Taylor, 75010
Stussy Paris - 44 Rue du Temple, 75004
Pilgrim Surf & Supply pop-up - 16 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, 75011

Samaritaine and BHV Marais are big department stores near above with decent menswear departments.

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yeah, all easy walking from each other

i’d recommend the Kith store too, even if just for a milkshake, they’re killer! :wink:

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Think there’s a shop in Paris called Royal Cheese, which caters for all your workwear needs and the like…

Edit: yep, its still there: Royalcheese

Nice! So it looks like having a trek around Le Marais is the way to go.

Thanks for all your help everyone.

Similar vibe to the one in Miami?

I’ve never been to Miami, but I suspect so, kinda bougie… :star_struck:

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I can attest that it is the same. Bar the sneaker chandelier.