NYC Accommodation Help

The lad is heading over the pond at the end of this month to take up a 6 month exchange at the NYSVA…anyone out there in NYC that can point me in the direction of good lettings agents, or give general advice on renting in the big apple? Been looking around and my, it is very expensive! I didn’t expect it to be cheap but even renting a room is coming in at around $1k a month…

Any tips/advice greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

We always stay at Hotel 17 at e17st… Wacky place but great location and fun… Sorry I see you are staying longer than a few days… :rofl:

There are plenty of hotels that do long stay fora good price

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This is the most negotiable that rents have been out here in decades. Manhattan is fucking EMPTY.


Brit in NYC here so reasonably qualified for this one.

NYC rentals are ridiculously expensive, that said there’s alway a few reasonable options about. Reasonable by NYC standards at least.

Location plays a big part in cost so depending on where he wants to be you can save some cash. Manhattan was traditionally more expensive but there’s a few bargains now post covid as people move away as they don’t need to be close to work.

A good starting point would be to sign up to

They publish an email every week with good listings for apartments, shares, sublets and more.

StreetEasy is the big listing site/app for NYC but not sure if they do shares/rooms.

Happy to answer any location questions or anything NYC specific, it’s tough out there but he’ll have a great time.


Also, try and look for ‘no fee’ listings. Otherwise you’ll get hit with 15% or more that gets paid to the agent on top of the first months rent. With ‘no fee’ listings the landlord pay the agent.


I recommend posting about it in Pick Up The Flow, à FB community group ran by Bergsonist
There’s often rooms for rent or someone who knows someone there.


Thanks for the info all…very useful to know!

After weeks of looking, last night he found a decent sized room on air bnb of all places!
The location is ideal…in Midtown, a stones throw from Central Park, which means he can walk to campus.
Its a little north of $1k a month, but considering the location, size of the room and the fact the other occupant is in LA half the week, it was a bit of a no brainer (especially considering some of the places we’ve seen for that sort of money).

So he’s booked in for a month and we’ll see how it goes from there…he’s speaking to a couple of the other exchange students about getting a place together once they’ve landed and got the lie of the land a bit more…

Picked up his visa yesterday and fair to say, he is absolutely buzzing!!

Thanks again all…

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Ahh to be young again, I’m excited for him what a trip. Hope he has a great time.

I’d budget for a industrially warm coat, don’t think I’ve ever been so cold in a city as NYC in Feb.


To be young again indeed! Exciting times beckon…

Is it wrong to be jealous of your child? :thinking: :laughing:

Ha, yeah I told him much the same thing…it was November when I was there and it was arctic!

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