Nordic Disco - favourites & recommendations

So much good music coming from Scandinavia, always top quality and right across the board in terms of genres/styles, they seem to have a knack of nailing certain sounds and putting their own distinctive twist on it……

Be interested to hear peeps favourites & recommendations, as always

Here’s a few personal favourites to kick it off

Biosphere leading the charge, awesome bleepy techno groove

Love the whole of the first Lindstrom & Prins Thomas debut album, but this one is pure Balearic bliss

The Codfather! Nuff said

Prins Thomas’ tribute to Manuel Goettsching

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There are so many good ones.

Maybe not strictly Scandi disco in the Lindstrom sense but I always come back to Genius of Time.

The Drifting Back 12” on Royal Oak is three solid tracks and their edit of Love Thang is a winner every time.


Love that Genius Of Time 12”.

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This one is a kiiiilllllleeerrrrr

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Lindstrom remix of Neneh Cherry, always feels like the sun peeking out from behind a cloud.

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Melancholic balearic:

Melancholic/Euphoric as much Swedish music is

Also a big fan of the Fasaan Recordings label from Malmö. Lots of good stuff, nice organic vibe to the early releases.

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big fan of the ‘scandolearic’ sound (at dangerous risk of generalising) so much good stuff on Full Pupp and obviously all those big populist Terje bombs that seemed to own every summer for a while. Bjorn Torske too (often overlooked?) the absolute beast was Mungolian Jetset “Moon Jocks & Prog Rocks” which sounded unlike anything else I’d ever heard


The most obvious of the obvious. But everyone loved it. Played across the board (heard Marcellus Pittman give it. a spin). Communal scenes of euphoria on the dancefloor. Terje proved (even limiting himself to one synth) that he could fashion a record that literally made ANYTHING played after it sound pathetic.

Actual genius despite how sick everyone is of it now.



my favourite Inspector Norse moment was when I went to a night billed as a tribute to Frankie Knuckles and yet whoever was DJing played it, twice in one night too

Yep, really good label…liked that Free Arts Band thing from a few years back

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I´m genuinly surprised that anybody still listens to these type of records, they were so awful when they came out and has aged even worse. The more recent Fasaan stuff and the likes posted is something completely different imo. The norwegian stuff from 10+ years back is an insult to the word disco.

I was using the term Nordic Disco in the broadest sense tbh, as in it’s danceable and comes from the Nordic region :wink:

Had just listened to Bjorn Torske’s excellent mix again recently which covers all bases…


I know a few people sniffed but those Terje bombs weren’t really designed for deeper heads-down clubs. They were firmly pitched at your lowlife get togethers with people dressed as horses in a field where all hell could break loose… each have their place imo


Remember this? Lunacy.


I think I was at that Low Life…

I love that scene, too (already posted Northern Disco Lights in the documentaries thread :palm_tree:)
Great internet nights trying to track down every Todd Terje edit/remix/whateverest ever made!

Apart from the “sacred triangle” Lindstrom/Prins/Terje, I think the Tellé sampler is a great introduction to what was orbiting around that cities at the time: Wall Of Sound Presents Tellé (2000, CD) - Discogs

This one is still ace too:

Another favourite of mine is the whole catalog of Studio/Information/personal projects from Dan Lissvik, or the Service label for something more pop oriented.


Scandidisco finest moment came with Lindström - i feel space. Still gives me chills. Must have played that record a billion times when it came out. Also the Todd Terje Utopia edit.


I agree 100%. Candidate for the perfect track right here.

I like this one