Nice, France

I’ve never been but am on a super tight schedule this week so I think I have 1pm to 5pm on Sunday to mooch about. I’m staying right in the thick of it by the looks of things so should be able to get anywhere.

Food/sights isn’t too much of a concern I’m looking for a record store owner to make happy.

Are record stores generally open on Sundays in that part of the world, and do you know of any worth a quick look?

I’ll also be in Monaco later in the week, so any suggestions for there would be welcomed as well.

Ooh I loved Nice and went to a couple of decent record stores there too.
Which I can’t remember the names of obviously.

Was it on a Sunday between 1pm and 5pm?

YOu know I was this close to checking my bank statements

Watch out for the classic “shut for 2 hours for lunch”. Not just Sundays. Always worth checking in that part of the world.