New York - Places & Spaces (& Record Shops)

I am in the city again for work and want to know, where is the spot where I will get the most bang for my buck? Superior Elevation or Human Head?

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No idea about bang for buck but I’d head to SE if only to help them out since they had that flood last year and could probably use the business. Always a great selection there, anyway.

You probably know this, but the dollar bins in A1 are always worth a look.

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Update went to both, didn’t realize how close they were to each other. My degritter is going to be working it’s little ass off…dusty 12”s but so good.

I was in NY a few weeks ago and did about 10 record stores. Human Head was the absolute highlight of my digging, don’t miss it it’s an incredible shop. Ergot would be the other one I’d recommend as it’s lesser known but they had a cracking selection.