New York Parties/Cool Music Bars/Recommendations etc

Over in a few weeks for the first time in years. I see there’s a thread on record shops mainly, I’m covered there and not massively going for that.

Where’s good with a vibe/smallish/intimate to catch some decent DJ’s etc. Know about Cafe Balearica and Two Doors Down

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Mezcaliria Melagrosa - tiny venue in Willamsburg, Justin Strauss and Justin Van Der Volgen play there regularly. Check out their Insta for line ups.

Haven’t been to Public Records but have only heard good things, always interesting people playing there.

More clubs but Good Room and Elsewhere have decent line ups. Nowadays is venue run Mister Saturday Nighy guys, def worth checking to see what’s on.

In Manhattan, Le Bain in Standard Hotel can also have decent line ups.

Eli Escobar and Francois K play regularly about town and post about on Insta.

Lot Radio worth checking out also, loads of local DJs play there and is a lot of fun.


Bossa Nova Civic Club in Brooklyn has nice nights, check their programming out. Public Records is out of the way but also very cool, especially when they are having a resident DJ like Geology. Check if Danny Krivit is playing when you’re in town as that is always a good time, too.

(Also, what Ronand said!)


Thank you both


Haven’t been over for a few years but have a good friend living there I’ll ask him what’s what. :green_heart: Le Bain can be great on the right night.

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