New Year Business

We said Happy Christmas so to me that sort of negates the need to do a Happy New Year thing but just to wish you all a very happy 2024 really. Let’s be honest it’s been a bin fire in the UK from a political perspective so here’s hoping for new things on the horizon ahead and some change. Wishing you all happiness and health in the coming year. Paul. x.


I think my wife may make the whole family emigrate if the tories don’t get annihilated, fingers crossed! All the best to everyone on here. x


Happy new year. As with every year, I just set out to keep myself alive and do the best I can.

This year I’d like to resolve to be better overall and welcome positive change, I’ve been spinning my wheels in place for a few years now and at some point, you’ve got to get off the stationary bike.

I’d also like to not let the world and its problems get to me. First and foremost, social media. It’s for music and music alone in 2024.

And on that note with music, I’m hoping to have the biggest musical year I’ve ever had as I celebrate ten years doing this. Something like a release every month if I’ve mapped it out right. Just been sitting on loads of stuff for ages now. Still enjoy the creative process, I’m just not very invested in what comes of it anymore. The stakes aren’t high whatsoever, they used to be (or at least felt like they were). Now it’s just whatever, so off it goes.


Onwards. :fist:

Life can be hard as fucking nails. But I love it still.


HNY all. Remember to love your nearest & dearest, bring people you don’t understand into the fold, and hold on tight to your dreams.


I can’t sleep!

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#2024 in no particular order: A job, world peace, rain and the immediate restoration of microwaveable crisps to Spanish supermarket shelves


We might have some rain we can lend you


Can you tell us more about these crisps, please? Google has a lot of homemade recipes which look like a quick way to set fire to a microwave, but I do love a hot potato snack.

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They’re salted crisps called Patatinas that look like fries and come in a normal ‘mega’ crisp packet (consumed hot or cold) or you can get the frozen ones in grid-shaped packaging that looks like a multiple rocket launcher. Both sadly disappeared in last 12 months. Possibly related to the ongoing olive oil crisis


Are they crisps or chips, this is important? @Hierbas

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This is a bit new year new me but it really makes the case for looking at your diet. I’ve literally woken up after blitzing it all last night and saying with the gf that we need to change.

Im lucky my gym has a nice sauna & added a plunge pool so trying to do that at least every other day
As its close I even cycle for sauna / shower rather than have one at home even if not doing gym

wishing all of you nice people a very reasonable 2024. here’s hoping for lots of signal and only an appropriate amount of noise.