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This one just turned up in the post. Always a good read.


Eagerly awaiting my copy. Top quality production & content every time.

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Love that Record mag, put together really nicely.

These are usually pretty good too, on more of a funk and hip hop tip, but a little bit of house and disco in there as well:

Available from Discopatrick on IG, usually does a small print run of them.


White Columns and Harvey in one publication gets my money. Test Pressing is costly. :man_shrugging:t2:


Great to see, had him lined up for the Surf mag I used to run before it folded, nice to see he’s got his new Board line up and running. The whole crew Heidi etc were a joy to deal with, stars just didn’t align, is there much about his surfing before I pull the plug on a copy?

Not a great deal tbh. Just checked for you… Looks good though.

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Nice, I’ll prob get it anyhoo, thanks for looking!

I’m no expert but isnt that surf board absolutely massive ?

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Love Injection is another one worth checking out. Good long-form articles and interviews + you find about people in the NY scene that might not necessarily be on your radar.


Maggot Brain (from Third Man Records) there’s a free extra large pdf edition online and quarterly print issues. It’s got a nice The Fader meets Grand Royal vibe.

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If there’s any hoops fans here, I’d recommend Franchise, which is a beautiful blending of all things basketball and art.

do you have a link to the free pdf version? I’m LOVING the design and layout of what i’ve seen in the previews.

EDIT - never mind, a simple google search lead me to it

Like many of you I was a rabid magazine consumer in my youth and up until the rise of the smart phone world we now receive most of our info from. In rough chronological order I would buy imported copies of

No.1 Magazine
Smash Hits
Melody Maker
DJ Mag
Grand Royal
Hip Hop Connection
The Fader
The Wire
Forced Exposure
Aquarium Drunkard

There’s a bunch of Aussie ones as well.

The last mag I purchased religiously was Wax Poetics, but I stopped at issue 50 when they changed the format. Since then, I’ve not even gone into a news agency to flick through the mags, as I just don’t feel the urge to clutter up my house with more vertically stored items with enticing spines.


+1 for Hot Stuff. Patrick will email you when new issues come out once you bought one. Mag + shipping to UK is usually £19.

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Pit Magazine is great if you’re into cooking on fire:

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This showed up yesterday and I devoured it before bed. This weekend I intend to familiarize myself with Max Essa and Octo Octa about whom I know nothing. Any tips to favorite mixes are appreciated.

a friend of mine just launched this little art magazine about: “an intimate contemplation on the female gaze and experience”

I bought a copy and waiting to read it

How much is it delivered to the UK ?