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I realised we don’t have an actual new releases thread for us to post things we’ve seen or what we are up to or things that look interesting or relevant to us all. We have a recently bought thread but not forthcoming. With the speed things come and go it might be worth sharing some bits. To kick us off the new Soundway looks good.

"The ever excellent Soundway have a new compilation coming up at the end of November. Compiled by Trujillo, aka. DJ and record collector Andrés Astorga, Ritmo Fantasía: Balearic Spanish Synth-Pop, Boogie and House (1982-1992) is a collection of early, rare ‘one-off’ grooves was inspired by the early Balearic scene pioneered by the Ibizan nightclub, Ku Club, whose iconic early artwork by Yves Uro adorns the record’s sleeve. "


Been hammering this forthcoming EP from the Wrekin Havoc crew (Rob J, Stuart Robinson & Rich Hall). Plus any profits generated from the vinyl will go to charidee.

Wrekin Havoc- Playing With Fire EP

"With this release the Wrekin Havoc lads have pulled out all the stops with some tasteful and respectful edits of some little-known Balearic bombs, extending and editing them just enough to allow the originals to shine a little longer – the occasional flourish has been added but that’s about it. No multiple plug-ins on this one.

Three bonafide euro chuggers on a1/a2/b1 for early doors / early morning, actually anytime is a good time to play them!!, The fourth and last track b2 is aimed squarely for the end of the night/sunrise/morning music if you will."


What a nice bunch of people that lot are : )


Indeed. Top fellas!


Good thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Really looking forward to this.

Tokyo visionist Soshi Takeda’s second album took shape across eight months of the winter and spring, inspired by an iconic mid-80’s photography book of Chinese landscapes. Scenes of lantern-lit fishing boats on misty mountain lakes seeded a mood of hidden paradise, ancient waterways snaking secret paths into the past.

Recorded at his home studio using exclusively hardware synths and samplers from the 1990’s, the six songs of Floating Mountains (plus digital-only bonus cut, “Deep Breath,” from the recent 2nd Life Silk compilation) evoke shrouded cinematic vistas of liquid skies and shining lakes, like some Li River twist on Balearic half-light house. Shades of cosmic drift and crystalline electronica ebb and flow within the nocturnal pulse, pagodas and pearls reflecting the waning moon: “I hope you can feel the cool and exotic atmosphere.”


Looking forward to this


This album came out this week on OEN REC based over in Copenhagen.
I can’t find much promo on the release.
It’s got a really nice leftfield /ambient/dreamy/downtempo feel to it


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This is great :+1:t2: cheers for the tip

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That cover!

I thought the “Where’s Music At in 2021” thread was already covering what this new thread is setting out to do?

I gusss this was for stuff on promo that’s not out and is coming in a month or so but maybe that’s a bit old school. Sometimes I miss records these days as I forget to pre order.


I’ve been slacking with new bits this year. Enjoying this today

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I think @Balearic_Clapton is right and we should park this thread as its the same as the where’s music at in 2021 thread… : )

Shall we put all new and forthcoming stuff in there too :point_right:

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Put it in the what are you watching thread just to throw everyone a bit

Leif has a new album out soon. Excited as always loved his stuff

Maybe a good idea to keep it tidy?