New age favourites

I was brought up on this kind of stuff, a natural progression from the Berlin kosmisch vibe, albums like Popol Vuh, in Der garten. I’ll kick of with 2 tracks I discovered much later

Edit: I’m putting this here for my own reference as much as anything else, I have a hard time remembering…

The intro section before the drums:

All of this:

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That Peter Davison tack is lovely, thanks for sharing :pray:

That album is a great way to start the morning.

A couple affordable copies on Discogs at the moment.

I love this kind of stuff, here’s a couple of my more recent finds;

I’ve been obsessed with what I call the new age of New Age recently. Decent modern producers that are taking that old Wyndham Hill and largely wishy washy early electronic hippy continuumm music into more relevant, listenable forms. This is a cracker from last year:


Thanks for sharing @joeblackcircles
The last track on the Giles Reaves is lovely. I like Mario Schonwalder - Force Down on the second one too, very much in the vein of KS and MS collaborations.

I bought this Rolf Trostel LP in the 80s, didn’t rate it much to be honest, so didn’t bother looking into him any further.

I used to buy from a mail order shop called Lotus Records in Hanley, they were the only place I knew of to sell this kind of stuff in the UK back then, it was pure pot luck, got some corkers but also some real duffers.

This is absolutely lovely, thanks for sharing @TheSlowMusicMovement

Definitely going to buy this, right up my strasse :+1:

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Very nice @specialdiscoversion

Parts of it remind me of this, it’s that DX7 log drum preset.

That Nightcrawlers sounded very nice and was new to me.

@fred_dibnah It’s great isn’t it! The rest of the album is a grower too, I’ve also got that Rolf Trostel LP, I quite like it.
@Farsta Nightcrawlers were new to me too, one of the tracks gets a little annoying but ther rest are great.

Here’s another one I’ve picked up recently, side one is a little more, dare I say, Balearic :open_mouth: Side 2 is very new age ambient.

I agree @Farsta but like many other records in the same vein it’s too derivative of TD for me personally, I wouldn’t buy it, I’d rather listen to TD if I’m in the mood for that kind of thing

Yes I’ve listened to the Zenamon LP, maybe need to give it another go as it didn’t grab me first time.

I was convinced there was a post on Test Pressing of a Boeing promotional video with a couple of tracks off Windham Hill’s Soul Of The Machine compilation as the (added) soundtrack. But I can’t find it now :man_shrugging: Anyway, I became obsessed by this track as a result

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It is pretty TD derivative, but does have a certain naive charm and unpolished diy spirit. Just look at the three of them, you know they’d be having a late night D&D session once the synths were turned off!

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The new Pauline Anna Strom album is really special Pauline Anna Strom - Equatorial Sunrise - YouTube RIP

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