Name that tune/edit?

Out in Tunisia atm, & have heard a slightly funky 303 version of Nenah Cherry’s 7 seconds being played…any idea on what edit/version this is please people’s? …it is rather nice!
Apologies if this should have been posted in another section of the forum?

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One from [Mixcloud]Mixcloud?

lovely 80s pop groover - comes in at 3 hr 33mins - chorus starts ‘let’s drive to the ocean tonight let’s take a train to the end of the line’


Max Essa - We Can Run


quick work! thank you

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No vinyl release :frowning:

Usually never

Any ideas on what this 303 - 7 Seconds edit version is please? I know its not easy without a clip but…any help much appreciated :pray:

Maybe this?


Thanks Joe, good, but its not the one.

Got another one here in this mix at approx at 3hrs.30 mins in there is a mix of Toto Cutugno Una Serata Come Tante…i know that bit, BUT its not the original, anyone know what version/edit this is please???

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Ziggy Phunk - One Evening

The og is brilliant, thanks for that.


No problem, thank you…every time i searched only the original kept popping up.

Shame its not vinyl release :disappointed:

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From that mix i also thought that was a stand out track…found it (cd) on ebay for £6, which is good as none for sale on Discogs atm.

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Edit: it’s Paul Anka

Is that the Idjuts track that closed off Rotation? Gutted to miss it again

Yes. Wasn’t there but seems like a proper moment!