My vibe in 2023

Sorry couldn’t think of a better title.

Lately I’ve found myself really into records like:

Coral D “Everything Going To Be Alright”
Mogwaa “Spatial Bliss”
Shanti Celeste “Shimmer”
Spirit of Sundays Ensemble “Mine To Give”
A+A “Rite At The End”
Lindstrom “Spire”
Mildlife “Rare Air” (Apiento remix)

I’m going to be lazy here and crowd source records that are of that ilk. I’m really feeling these.


not to yuck your yum, but isn’t the thread “what are you listening to now, i mean right in this moment?” already doing this work for you?

No, because I’m looking for a very specific type of record and that’s more general but point taken.

Have you checked out Coral D’s stuff on Klasse Wrecks - Sway/Falling Away?

Wil Hofbauer / Sangre Voss might also be interesting producers to check. Plus others on Third Place records.

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You checked this? Might fit the bill. Sure it came as a recommendation from someone here. It’s ace.


I bought a copy of that off discogs last night and have two releases on Third Place after someone suggested it a couple of weeks ago. I’ll check that other suggestion out, thank you. Klassewerks in general seems great busy diving in.

That’s exactly the vibe. Thank you.

Feeling this:

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You might like this, not the vibe I usually gravitate towards but this track was a biggie for me last year:

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Me neither but lately it is all I listen to. Makes me think of the 90’s for some reason when music was a little bit of everything.


Morning Dip off that EP is great.

The new Wisdom Teeth on Incensio is also worth checking.

And on a slightly more organic vibe, Puma & The Dolphin have done a load of good stuff. New EP out today on Invisible Inc.

And shout out to @Piers and the brilliant Mysticisms label. The recent N-Gynn release could fit your requirements.

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The Beach mix?

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Yes, I got everything on Mysticisms that I could the other day and did the pre-orders. Excellent stuff.

Is the label Wisdom Teeth or the artist?

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The artist

Just realized that’s the label that puts out the DJ Python stuff.

Sorry. Facta is the artist. (Wisdom Teeth is the label he runs).

Frazzled head today.

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This is a similar vibe to that Mogwaa track

And it’s a little more complex/jazzy but the new Lars Bartkuhn might be interesting for you

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Oh and A Psychic Yes (artist) also worth investigating.

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Bought this one, and the DJ Python’s I don’t have.