Music to read books to

Not sure if this is subject with legs but here goes. Is there any particular bits of music that you listen to while reading or stands out as suiting the mood of a particular book. I mostly listen to ambient for obvious reasons but there was one album that I link with a book and worked like the soundtrack to it. I was reading The Passage by Justin Cronin and happened to put on Sleep Games by Pye Corner Audio and it merged perfectly.


Barely audible pitched down a little. This is a good thread.

The g.o.a.t.


low key bliss

Japanese ambient mvp


We love the Kompakt “Pop Ambient” compilations for this



Never heard these. Beautiful

Try these too!


Like a bit of Ludovico Einaudi.

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Mark me down as +1 to yoshimura and terry riley

Gotta plug the exhibition music by inoyama land—music for myxomycetes. Molto tranquilioni


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I have pretty bad ADHD so I’ve never really been able to read books however lately I’ve been reading with music and discovered that background sounds were all I needed to stay focused enough. I’m starting to really treasure my time reading each day now. Those pop ambient albums mentioned above are perfect for me and I’ve listened to them a lot. Let’s get this thread going again if anyone has any more to add. This is another favourite of mine as discovered somewhere else in this forum!

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This one is special. Hopefully vocals in a foreign tongue don’t distract you.

these few suggestions although a bit esoteric, could serve well:

I’ve never been able to read with music. What I do put on when I’m reading/studying is nature sounds.

Jon Hopkins: Music for Psychedelic Therapy Album Review | Pitchfork has really helped with when I need to settle for reading. It’s a beautiful recording and it’s intention is to support Psychedelic therapy. Confusingly, John Hopkins the American Centre for Psychedelic Research have a very good tripping Spotify playlist which can be used for this sort of thing, it’s got some gorgeous music on it.