Music production videos and channels

Hello all!
It is quite difficult to find good tutorials on electornic music production on youtube. Do you know some good videos and channels to start with? What are your favorites?


Hello Manu, i’m not a producer so haven’t looked into it much but i did watch a few of Daniel Wang’s short vids on electronic music. I like his style.
Here’s an example. hope it helps

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I like Attack Magazine

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What kind of styles? DAW specific?

I mainly produce Techno or slower wavier stuff. I have Ableton and a bunch of hardware.

But actually I don’t care so much what the tutorials are about. I like to see others peoples workflow and take out what I could use for myself. Also the EDM guys have some valuable tips, even if I don’t like their music at all. But for sure I prefer if the tips are about alternative electronic music.

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this is a great page. thanks!

I like Gordon Reid’s classic ‘synthesis explained’ in-depth series:[0]=im_field_subject%3A8106


I can’t go the ones where the presenters/voiceovers are nauseatingly insincere. “Hey guys its AARON! And today I’m going to take twenty minutes to bore you about my life before I finally introduce the subject I’ve titled this Youtube video after and then only tell you stuff you already know!”

I also hate the ones where there’s no enthusiasm at all, all the sounds of the world’s loneliness in a sadboi’s bedroom set-up.


I’ve just started trying to making my own tunes and have found these channels helpful

I like Andrew Huang’s tutorial videos. They aren’t too boring and a lot of times quite informative.

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Tache Teaches is a fave. He’s a bit of a Bitwig wizard.

Michel from deep techno label Hypnus has some greta Ableton videos.

I can get well lost in a YouTube tutorial…

Divkid for modular (though this got more about product placement and a bit boring over the last year)…

Elphnt for Ableton

These for chords

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VCV Rack is a great free virtual modular platform and this guys videos are really great. He’s super enthusiastic and really helpful. Explains everything really well and you can even download his patches. Personally I like to just follow along and learn that way.

Hardware modular is not something that’s ever really appealed to me but if you’re looking for a break from the standard DAW this is the way to go and Omri is your man. He starts from the very basics to get you started.

I’m currently lost down a Eurorack rabbit hole too… but I digress.

The two guys from Disclosure are incredibly open and giving with their knowledge, refreshingly so. Not my bag but have picked up a few tips about drum busses and EQ’ing from them on YT.

A few other interesting ones I follow…