Music oriented novels?

Do any of y’all have music-oriented fiction you’d recommend? I strongly recommend the Children of the Neon Bamboo. It’s a fascinating treatise on art disguised as a readable, nostalgic adventure.
On a side note, the book also has the best description of a concert I’ve ever read other than the concert in the Power of One.
What are some recommendations of yours, something makes you want to walk out of the old record store, arms full of vinyl.

Children of the Neon Bamboo: B. Glynn Kimmey: 9798988054115: Movies & TV


"As the summer of 2004 draws to a close, Archy Stallings and Nat Jaffe are still hanging in there - longtime friends, bandmates, and co-regents of Brokeland Records, a kingdom of used vinyl located in the borderlands of Berkeley and Oakland.

When ex–NFL quarterback Gibson Goode, the fifth-richest black man in America, announces plans to build his latest Dogpile megastore on a nearby stretch of Telegraph Avenue, Nat and Archy fear it means certain doom for their vulnerable little enterprise.

An intimate epic, a NorCal Middlemarch set to the funky beat of classic vinyl soul-jazz and pulsing with a virtuosic, pyrotechnical style all its own, Telegraph Avenue is the great American novel we’ve been waiting for. Generous, imaginative, funny, moving, thrilling, humane, triumphant, it is Michael Chabon’s most dazzling book yet."

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Nice- that’s one’s actually on my “to-read” list. I’ll move it up a few positions!

There’s a lot going on in this one including music. I can’t recommend it highly enough

Graffiti is also features. Lethem’s brother is worth a follow on instagram if that interests you


Also an absolute fave!

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It’s ridiculous of course. But so were the 90s.


actually howled laughing through the first half of that but later on maybe it got just a bit too twisted


How about Espedair Street by Iain Banks which is only loosely about music but still a great book?

The whole book is a fantastic metaphor for the journey of doing a big bag of bugle to yourself.


Brilliant book, but yeah, bit dark in places.


Am always on the lookout for other writers in that mould - darkly funny but also quite moving. His tribute to his brother was one of the most touching things I read last year.

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‘But Beautiful’ by the very talented Geoff Dyer. An absolute pearler of a book.

Little (fictionalised) snapshots of life based on some of the jazz greats - Mingus, Art Pepper, Monk, Bud Powell etc.

Great writing.

Such an interesting author if anyone isn’t familiar. He mostly writes non-fiction about all kinds of subjects - and his books are fascinating and highly original.