Modded or mid-price rotary mixers

That’s sad news. I’ve got one of their early Radius 4v + FX units > deadly combo. Love the layout of the mixer (this is coming from a Urei) and although the FX unit took a bit of getting used to as no auto synch, its an absolute beast once you get under the hood. Sounds a million miles from the over familiar Pioneer efx. I always thought they hit the perfect middle ground between offering quality audio mixers but without the crazy prices. Wish them all the best.


Have read that it might also be because Union Audio are now producing theor own mixers.

IMO there’s a saturated market with not enough difference between what’s out there and Ryan is probably getting out before he’s got stock piling up. I think it’s a smart move. Andy at Union Audio will probably keep making mixers though…


That’s what i took away from it as well. A shame and I hope it makes my R4 more valuable for resale, haha! P S does anyone else have scratchy ISO pots on theirs? Seems a common thing on the radius series?

Have never used/heard one so difficult to comment on pricing. Anyone in the peanut gallery here got thoughts on the matter?

Bit of a jump from the Elara to the other stuff.

Yeah mine are quite scratchy, however they don’t seem to do it as much though since I wiggled them about a lot (think I read that its from dust getting stuck there so might have displaced it).

Also get a lot of pops from turning the filter on/off on the FX unit too, happens less if I turn the resonance and distortion down.

A tin of this and the F5 version is well worth keeping handy.

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My new rotary mixer has started giving off mini electric shocks. Am baffled as to what the problem is. Everything seems correctly wired and I never had this problem with the previous one. Is it likely to be the mixer itself or the power supply? Thought I was imagining it at first but it seems to be getting slightly worse.

Probably a grounding issue. Have someone look at it, could be dangerous.


Anyone tried the new Omnitronic TRM-222 yet? Thinking about switching things up and selling my MS Radius 2, and I quite like the look of this but don’t know anyone who has one/has tried it…