Modded or mid-price rotary mixers

Thanks for that! I think it’s more on the linear end but I will report back later with more detail

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Ok after much twiddling of knobs I can report that it’s a super smooth linear curve. A real steady increase in volume at each point with no jump in volume (like on the Allen n heath and subzero) very nice indeed!


Thank you for your service.

Unfortunately this new piece of info is what’s going to send me into financial disarray.


Your future self will thank you for it! PayPal credit? 6 months to pay it off with no interest

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Haven’t heard of the company (Headliner) behind this but definitely curious, a lot rests on that filter. Rarely is a big filter knob a bad move…

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Here is how my rotary mixer journey is going:

I just bought a Lucia X.

Haven’t bought any new records in 2 months and counting but this is making my year of making music and buying what I think is a legacy piece of kit that much more rewarding.


Happy with it??

I know I’m biased too., but Condesa’s are such beautiful.l bits of kit.

Looks nice - big fan of the layout. Seems a good price as well…. I’m also curious!

That’s a monster of a mixer.

Good feature set for the price.
The brand is Headliner though, Henderson is a different company:

Hasn’t arrived yet.

Ha! You’re right, my bad. Not bad looking that ‘Hendo’ mixer either! VU meters :heart:

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Have you got a 6 month wait?

4-6 months.

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New mixer from Omnitronic announced:


Cold War nuclear bunker vibes… I like the aesthetic.

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You need to turn two keys simultaneously to activate the Cake Throw function.


Aping the Varia Instruments look that, but I’m OK with it…

Menura Audio Modular Mixer kickstarter launched today

Still some 30% off slots available. Im eyeing up a full 1620 config but its a bit of a risk!