Memphis recommendations

Unexpected work trip to Memphis next week, staying downtown, will have a day or two of (jet-lagged) free time. Any tips on record stores, bars, food or anything else, much appreciated! Cheers!

:slight_smile: Since I started this, and now I’ve been there, I’d recommend

  • Shagri La Records, friendly staff and some decent secondhand digging to be had
  • SugaShack, black-owned soul food resuarant just west of the main Beale Street area
  • Blues City Cafe seemed like the pick of Beale Street for music (a bit gritty than the other places)
  • Railgarten, big indoor/outdoor bar/food venue with railroad shipping containers

It’s a facinating city, steeped in the history of the civil rights movement and music. People were also really friendly. And a lot of incredible BBQ ribs. At times it was quiet an out-there experience, one Lyft had bullet entry and exit holes through the side front side windows for example, but it felt safe in Downtown and Midtown.


Were you walking in Memphis? :grimacing:

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Aparently Memphis is the most mentioned city in recorded music

Of course this is what I had in my head the whole time

With a bit of this