Malaga & the Costa del Sol

Heading there this week, any recommendations of the usual?

In Malaga la palmilla for the naughty stuff like most Spanish cities there’s always one :wink:, soho though it sounds corny its a nice area and so is la merced. Its been a good few years since we have been there but usually the old dodgy areas in Spain get rejuvenated and become la hip. A friend goes there alot I will ask him tomorrow for some tips

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For gallery culture CAC, Picasso, Centre Pompidou…for drinks Antigua Casa de Guardia (historic), Pimpi, La Tranca for the music (where I discovered Locomia)…for food, If you can get a reservation El Balneario - Baños del Carmen…and the market is always cool…dont know how long your staying, but a plus of Malaga is its location - easy to get to Seville by train, Cadiz or Granada by car etc…have fun


Just seen you mention the Costa Del Sol…my parents live in Nerja which is nice, as is Frigiliana near by. Ronda is beautiful too