Mailing Lists — Music goodness straight to your inbox

I was wondering which emailing mailing lists you’re all subscribed to? For me, it’s easier to get music news and releases sent straight to my inbox. However, there’s always more out there.

Some I subscribe to on the music front include Bandcamp Daily, First Floor, Pitchfork Sunday Review and Hype Machine.

Non-music mailing lists I’m on include Letters of Note, Little White Lies, and Rouleur (a cycling website).

I’m most keen to get new release news, so what’s worth signing up to?


I liked the Boomkat weekly mailout to take me outside my usual listening comfort zone. Personally I use Feedly - to subscribe to lots of blogs and websites, it’s great for digesting a lot of content quickly.

Todd L Burns’ Music Journalism Insider is really good. Every Monday he emails out a list of links to interesting reads. It’s really diverse and it covers everything from dance to country to emo and I can find myself reading a ten-minute piece on a style completely alien to me or my interests just because it’s good writing.