Macbook / Chrome / Tabs

Apologies - a little bit boring but maybe someone might know how to help.

My Macbook crashed and when I restarted Chrome and pressed restore tabs they did not restore.

Would anyone be able to offer any advice to someone with little technical know how as to where I might find the missing tabs please. Most I can do without but there was one which was a reminder that I can’t for the life of me remember.

Google threw this up, any use?

If you check your Internet history, does it have the page you are looking for there?

Thank you but unfortunately not.

I had a look but it’s not there. It was a communications company who work in social justice who were looking for writers. I was interested to work with them. I went on a Google rampage but can’t find them. My fault. I’m terrible with tabs. Mostly Discogs but sometimes a few more important reminders…

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If you vaguely know the URL sometimes if you start typing it Chrome guesses the site address. Long shot but you never know…weird it’s not in your history.

Well, when you find them let me know
Can you remember where they were based or anything?