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Yo-yo. I’m off to LA for 6 weeks. Just wondering what people’s favourites spots are and where they like to go.

Also, slightly short notice but if anyone knows anyone looking for a short term let in London SE6 there is a two bed house available from Sept 15th. Irie.


Been a while but here’s a few… my missus family live just south of Long Beach

Largo (WH) good fun for standup + Norm’s diner across the street
Venice beach is a bit tacky now but still a few pockets of fun, frazzled oldtimers ‘9/11 was an inside job’ truthers if you fancy a laugh
The Last Bookstore (Downtown)
The Original Pantry Café is a must for pancakes
Amoeba Records is huge
Grand Central Market (Downtown)
The Troubadour has all the history, worth popping in
We stayed on Yucca Street (Hollywood) at the motel which appeared on the hotel California sleeve. Hollywood Boulevard still pretty seedy, one to swerve
For parties Lovefingers is your man.


Sounds like big trouble. You’re going to need plenty of legal advice before this thing is over. As your attorney, I advise you to rent a very fast car with no top. And you’ll need the cocaine. Tape recorder for special music. Acapulco shirts. Get the hell out of L.A. for at least 48 hours. Blows my weekend. Because naturally I’m going to have to go with you. And we’re going to have to arm ourselves… to the teeth

I listened to the Revenge RA podcast at gym (sorry) yesterday which starts with this quote (over Police Voices)


if you’re gonna be there for six weeks, do try and get over to palm springs - who knows, maybe you can get booked at the ace hotel and they can subsidize the jaunt? no idea who’s doing bookings over there now…

palm springs is pretty awesome, a beautiful little time capsule. i’ve heard of some amazing disco collection seams being mined out of there in the 90’s, but that’s probably dried up by now.


This is my cliché LA hitlist. My brother lives there and we usually do one or more of these. Enjoy!

Huntington Gardens
Venice/Santa Monica Beach
Getty Centre near 405
Griffith Observatory
street tacos
Troubadour for a show
Yamashiro restaurant above Hollywood
Dresden Bar in los Feliz
drive up the coast to Santa Barbara/Carpenteria
hikes around Malibu


@dreambeam I believe this is a lot of what we’re doing :smiley:


A fireapple-red convertible?

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If you need a break from LA head up the PCH to Monterrey and Carmel. Still a few old hippies hanging around the blues bars in Pisno Beach. The Big Sur is amazing scenery. We even saw condors. Hired a van from Escape Vans in Inglewood and didn’t plan too much beyond selecting campgrounds. Everyone was superfriendly without feeling too forced.

Heading south is completely different. Mojave desert is filled with cactus fields, the joshua tree inn where Gram Parsons has a shrine, also Pioneertown is worth a stop. Huntingdon is pretty grim jockville to be avoided. Laguna sunsets are pretty special. Loadsa posh galleries and stuff. Michael Cook recommended Zuma Beach too, esp the far end (famous from a million movies)


I’m sure Harv would be down for a surf.

Apart from that, not been for a 10 years or so bit out of touch, I’d love to hit some Taco trucks next time.

Mozza and all of Nancy’s restaurants were always great if a little spendy.

Abbot Kinney was great for shopping


I lived there for a while.

  1. Fuck Abbott Kinney. Just a shower of cunts although my wife and I always go to Gjelina when we are in proximity.
  2. Best record store in LA is Mount Analog. Mahssa only opens on the weekends now though.
  3. You need to go to a proper dive bar and hang with the regulars. Rustic is proper shit but in the best possible way.
  4. Contact Dirty Dave on instagram. Proceed with caution.
  5. Leo’s on W Pico is the best taco you’ll ever eat.
  6. Jitlada is the best Thai food in the country. Say hello to Jazz (owner/chef) but if she asks you if you want it spicy unless you’re a mentalist you don’t.
  7. Go to a Dodgers game, sit in the left field bleachers and make friends for life.
  8. A trip to Silverlake (el cid, etc) is with a jaunt but combine it with a trip to Mohawk General Store and chat to Kevin Carney (nitedog) who used to run labels and parties with Lovefingers. Great in-house clobber (Smock especially) and he had something to do with the sound system at Goldline.
  9. If something is on at the Hollywood Bowl go as it’s an experience.
  10. A jaunt down La Brea is very much recommended. All the people who work/own stores down there are sound and General Quarters has the best clothes for the discerning gentleman.
  11. Eat at Din Tai Fung, just be prepared to wait.
  12. Medieval Times is great with the right people and if just want to do something absolutely ridiculous.

Kogi (and anything associated with Roy Choi) and Mozza are a must.

Würstküche - particularly the one in DTLA is a must as well. Proper ambiance, full of characters and around it there are great stores and boutiques plus the mother lode of Mr Cartoon graffiti (which he doesn’t do anymore) that truly needs to be seen.

This is all great. Thanks all.

And yeah I’m going to floating points doing promises with Shabaka Hutchins and many others at the Hollywood bowl so can’t really wait for that x


El Cholo in Santa Monica for great margeritas and amazing food.


The bootleg tshirts outside are something else. Take a $20. The Grace Jones tshirt is still the single best piece of concert mercy I’ve ever seen.

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Almost forgot…


They sell a nice tshirt as well.

Better burgers though.

Love Hour in K-Town
Trophies on Fairfax
Ambon Quality Meats in Chinatown

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