Loooooooooong listens

I was cycling down the the front tonight listening to E2-E4 and thinking what a perfect piece of music it is for a long ride, or run, or just to bliss out to while you’re working or something. And then I was thinking, previous artists were limited by format, so why aren’t there more hour-long pieces of contemporary/electronic music now? Or do I just not know them?


I still love the full length Blue Room


at least half of the fax releases qualify! here’s one of my all time faves:

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Lots of minimalism (the classical not the dancey kind) comes to mind:

First got into Steve Reich after finding that the Orb sampled this


This might fit the bill - loved it on release but it’s been a minute


It’s not electronic or that contemporary but you could try Sleep’s Dopesmoker, it’s basically the same riff for 63 minutes. It’s a great riff though…


Bunged it on, banged out a whole proposal for a client. Just what I needed, thank you

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Cheers, funnily enough I was listening to the Grandfather Paradox while I was doing the washing up last night The Grandfather Paradox | Discogs

Would fully recommend a couple of CFCF albums for this purpose - to be fair they are multiple tracks stitched together but they are definitely designed to be listened to as a whole.

First one channels a Windham Hill vibe:

Second tips the hat to Dreamcast era drum and bass:

Both are :fire: :fire: :fire:

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glad it worked out x

one more that came to mind - Mike CFCF did a lovely longform piece a few years back I have on a Japanese CD - content warning: pan pipes

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I can’t believe I forgot to include this hour-long recording of someone sleeping

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Love this one from vladislav delay

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The drum and bass version of this album is super good too.

These guys are great. I saw them live in Iceland, their album is a great long listen - although there are separate tracks, it really works listened thru from beginning to end.

I think you could probably stick this in here as it runs as a whole:

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This is so WTF I can’t actually process it!

I used this to get me in the right headspace for my half marathon at the weekend. Kind of between a sequenced album and a continuous piece, was just what I needed, with enough emotion and motion to propel me along.

(01:48, thanks for asking)