London July 13-16

I know this is lazy but are there any parties happening worth going to over these dates? Where are you lot playing?

Also, been a while so any record stores worth going to that aren’t the Phonica, SoTU of this world? Looking for decent priced disco and house from days gone by.

Also, any kid friendly parks or museums that may fascinate the little ones? Restaurants as well.

Thanks for your help.


Yes. Had a mare there.

Love Vinyl is always worth a look

On the list. That and Jelly Records.

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Good to hear, i thought it had closed.

If you’re straying towards the Dalston/Hackney area i would recommend Eldica on Bradbury Street, Hidden Sounds on Ridley Road and Tome on Graham Road. All used stuff and great for digging.
Brisk stroll from there to the BBE Store in the arches under London Fields Overground should your wallet still allow.

Still going strong. In fact, they’ve just celebrated 10 years, i think. Pretty much all second hand now - run by Zaf and Jake, two of the most knowledgeable chaps around.


Re: the kids. Depending on where you are going to be, the new Young V&A (Museum of Childhood) in Bethnal Green opens on July 1 and might be worth a look. As for parks, we often took ours to Coram’s Fields in Bloomsbury, a children-only park, as in no unaccompanied adults. Was a nice space with a decent cafe in the heart of London. Mind you, ours are late 20s now so I might be wildly out of touch! (Although I did Google and seems good still) Hope you have a nice time wherever you end up…


MVE in greenwich and then walk around with the kids is a nice few hours spent. Take them to see the observatary and the cutty sark.

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Aside from the ones already mentioned, I’d recommend the Little Record Shop and Alan’s. Both a little off the beaten track but worth the trip. Little Record Shop has fairly irregular opening times too, so check on his Instagram.

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@Casual if you’re going to Greenwich it was quite fun for our kids to go by river taxi on the Thames.

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Also a bit random but the London Transport museum in Covent Garden was always loved by ours when they were little.


Atlantis worth a look if you’re up Hackney way.

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What part of London? What age kids?

Massive slide and water play in Victoria Park.

Diana memorial playground in Hyde park has a big ship.

Finsbury park has a good playground. So has Clissold park. Good fountains in Kings Cross. But all depends on age and area. Everywhere has something decent for kids.

Not from or live in London but we always enjoy a trip down with the snappers too. Second the London Transport museum ours enjoyed it last year and also the Postal Museum where you get to go on the old underground mail train amongst other stuff was a big hit.

Can’t help re parties, bars etc owing to the above :joy:

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If you find yourself in SE London I can reccomend the Horniman Museum for the Kids and Lorenzo’s Records Wanted in Brockley is worth a dig. Tapas at L’Occulto nearby is great for grown ups but perhaps less so for kids.

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Yeah getting the Uber (is that what it is now) boat up the Thames from Greenwich to the south bank or vice versa is a really good way to see London. Past Tower of London etc… love that trip. And it’s a couple of quid each.


Thanks for all of this. Much appreciated.

Eating out can get super expensive, if in Shoreditch area I’d go Song Que or Viet Hoa for some no nonsense Vietnamese.

Our local ex caff Pelliccis is super popular but great for a fry-up.
Nev always used to draw on cups for our daughter, they love kids being Italian.
Worth it if your near Bethnal Green/Shoreditch.


I’ll be in town 8-10 July if anything on then? Staying East. ‘Between the Bridges’ was good fun last time

Then getting sleeper train up to Inverness for a hiking trip if any music around there