Lets hear your mixes

Thanks mate, it’s an edit of mine. Should see the light of day this year.

Far-I is the penultimate track.


Recorded a mix for Summer trips by the sea. Two hours including Argentinian new age, some Brazilian stuff, island vibes, aor etc.

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Yeah, total tune that ‘Words of Far I’. Just remembered I posted it in the Balearic Reggae chat!

Firing up your mix now @Piers

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That’s a killer edit then. Nice one.


this is soooooo good!:heart::heart::heart: bang it at work, then put it on at a kick on, that loose ends thing sent everyone sideways. so many killer tunes, it’s probably gonna get banged all summer. thank you sir​:1st_place_medal::crown::crown::crown:

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Wow. Thank you!

Here’s a new guest mix I recorded for Desert Island Disco’s Islander Cast series. Recorded at the weekend in 21 degree heat so picked records to suit. Expect Afrobeat, calypso rhythms, steamy disco, South African boogie and balmy island vibes

Naturally its now raining lol


Once again not me, but a new one in the series from Viennese powerhouse that is Mike Burns. A very summery affair.


Here’s this week’s show featuring a stunningly good, epic edit from one of our esteemed forum members,

Howler’s Balearic Breakdown Breakfast Show – 1BTN – 16th May 2024

  1. Mike Welch - Colorado Country Girl [NuNorthern Soul]
  2. Language Lab - Burning Disaster (Groove Armada Bedtime Story Mix) [Kahuna Cuts]
  3. De Blanc – Hush [AZ International]
  4. Pat Benetar - Love is a Battlefield (@lovehandles Unrequited Dub) [White]
  5. Statues – Eclipse [MM Discos]
  6. Jeb Loy Nichols - Don’t Drop Me (Hotel Motel Remix) [LateNightTales]
  7. Jarle Brathen - Takras (Prins Thomas Diskomiks [Full Pupp]
  8. Lady Blackbird – Purify [Foundation Music]
  9. Fernando - 1998 [Late Night Tales]
  10. José González - Killing For Love (Todd Terje Brokeback Mix) [Imperial Recordings]
  11. Jura Soundsystem - Linn Fun (Good Block Remix) [Isle of Jura]
  12. Eden Burns - Where Were U In 92? [Public Possession]
  13. ASHRR - Fizzy (Felix Dickinson Remix) [20 20 Vision]
  14. Ytre Rymden Dansskola - Afterski (Magnus International remix) [Full Pupp]
  15. Jura Soundsytem – Carafe Denim (Quiet Village Remix) [Isle of Jura]
  16. Len - Steal My Sunshine (Version Idjut) [Work] (Down To The Sea & Back-Volume Tres [Music For Dreams]
  17. Car Crash Set - Fall From Grace [Reaction Records] (Down To The Sea & Back-Volume Tres [Music For Dreams]


So good Piers! Really enjoyed it :slight_smile:

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Good morning y’all! Here’s my latest Easy Listening episode on Dublab!


Dancing Fantasy – Close To You
Lenny White – I’ll See You Soon
Level 42 – Love Meeting Love (7″ Version)
Alex Kassian – E2-E4
Silvetti – Spring Rain (Original Tom Moulton 12″ Mix)
Airto Moreira – Amajour
Masayoshi Takanaka – Breezin’
Tri Atma – Belong To The Sun!
Tim Maia – Pais E Filhos
Deodato – Tahitti Hut
Joyce – Aldeia De Ogum
Chic – Sao Paulo
Masayoshi Takanaka – Oh! Tengo Suerte
Zas – I Love My Body
Anamaria e Maurício – O Trem Azul
Wayne Shorter – Beauty and the Beast
Milton Nascimento – Tudo o Que Você Podia Ser
Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti – Squash
Pellegrino & Zodyaco – Caucciù (Migliera Version)
Gilberto Gil – Aos Pés da Cruz
Edwin Schimscheimer – Bon Nuit, Michelle
Paul Cherry – For The Birds
Leila Pinheiro – Tudo em Cima
Pat Metheny Group – Slip Away
Frank Fischer – Industrial Beat
Sergio Mendes – Midnight Lovers
Teen Daze – Back yard (feat Sam Wilkes & Andy Shauf)


Here’s my monthly mix. This time it’s all about cumbia, bit left field but I really dig a lot of this music.

edit: forgot the tracklist Lagartijeando - Antiguos Deuños De Las Flechas

José Larralde - Quimey Neuquén (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)
Chirimoyo - Jaradub
Grupo Naidy - El Botellon (Nicola Cruz Remix)
Pássaro - Assum Preto
El Remolón - La Bonita
Lagartijeando - Villazon-Potosí
Uji - Jenga
Chancha Via Circuito & El Búho - Oruga
Jaja - Zaka
Coconutah & Kaygee - Okilomba
Chancha Via Circuito - Amelia
Nicola Cruz - Invocación
Si*se - Cuando
Nicola Cruz/Salvador Araguaya/Spaniol - Folha De Jurema (Xique Xique Dragonruit Mix)
Chancha Via Circuito (ft. Mateo Kingman) - Ilaló (Baiuca Remix)
El Remolón - Zapatillas Galácticas
El Guincho - Bombay
Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto - Manolo (Uproot Andy Remix)
Kermesse - Chacarera Del Tiempo
Lulacruz - Cucarachero De Niceforo
El Remolon - Basta Ya (Todos Somos Inmigrantes)

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