Lets hear your mixes

Lets hear the your mixes that you have been putting together over Lockdown 1, 2 and 3?


Here’s a series of mixes I did over lockdown v.1.0

Listen to Mix Sessions, a playlist by Jonny 5 dj on #SoundCloud


Here’s live recording of my all nighter from Post Bar (Helsinki) I had last August. It’s in three parts. Clubs were open here in Finland in Summer when the situation with covid-19 was fine.

Before midnight:

DJ Jese · that night (in post bar) IV

After midnight:

DJ Jese · that night (in post bar) V

Last two hours:

DJ Jese · that night (in post bar) VI

Rising Edge Radio Mix - this is one that I did for a radio station attached to Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds. It’s a mixture of music I would like to hear when I wake up on a Sunday morning so fairly horizontal. A good one for WFH or to chill with.


Mix I did for the lovely crew at the Dartmouth Arms / Disappearing Dining Club, mostly super chilled, ambient tracks, some old but mostly new stuff. Dare to say it, but yes it’s a bit balearic :slight_smile:

Matt Nearest Faraway Place x The Dartmouth Arms


This is a laid back one from last year - next time I will stick a picture of an Asian lady not wearing much on it to bump up the listening figures: Mixcloud


think this’ll be my friday cooking soundtrack - thanks


Listen to Lee Ellis - Disque 72 Buyers Mix Club # 20 by Balearic Social on #SoundCloud

I did this horizontal banger a few years ago now.

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a few I’m thinking of, this one I did in Vancouver with David August 2 years ago is one of my personal favorites (Haruomi Hosono & Bill Laswell doing ambient jungle, Arthur Russell’s voice turned into sludge, Maurice Fulton goes jazz, bit of low slung house) - broadcast from a former 1-2 chair barber shop in Gastown. our show the next day was in a former vaudeville theatre that eventually became a Cantonese cinema owned by the Shaw Brothers


Just made this one last week. It’s an all vinyl mix (Coyote, Prins Thomas, St Etienne) and only takes 40mins to transport you to a better place.

While you’re on Mixcloud, take a look at my other mixes. There’s a classic 90s balearic set on there too titled Balearic Bubbles go Pop that you may enjoy.


Hello all. First post & a bit of an experiment as I was never one for forums but now I realise that the alternative is algorithmically controlled social media sites that want money and data from you in return for connecting you with your “friends” I thought I’d give it a try!

I’ve been slack on the mixes but decided at the start of lockdown to pull together a new age of New Age mix and also wrote a blog post on the history of New Age music for good measure. The blog post with the mix is here or just head straight to the music.

Looking forward to see how the site develops. Big up Test Pressing for the initiative.


I started a monthly show on Balamii Radio in August. Here’s the playlist:

The general vibe is ambient/new age, floaty, breaksy, dreamy house, slow rave kinda gear :slight_smile:


Started the year off with a warm up mix, inspired by reading the piece in the latest Faith fanzine about the warm up DJ, great read :grinning:

Picking up the pace a bit with the next one…Moodymann, Charles Webster, Super Discount, Bruise…

Enjoy if it takes your fancy

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Nice! Will check these out. Charles Webster has to be the most underrated house producer. So many amazing songs and remixes under a number of different aliases. Not sure I heard any Salt City Orchestra or Charles Webster productions from 96-00ish that weren’t absolute gems.


Cheers, so true! Charles Webster’s new stuff is amazing too, well worth checking out


Made this last May under extreme duress, can’t quite get my mojo back to make another but hopefully soon.

mikebee - live in exile 2020


Very nice that Mike great work

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Here’s a presentation I put together for NTS last year about early 90s Street Soul, Swingbeat, New Jack Swing and rap from Aotearoa New Zealand. Like basically everywhere else in the known universe, Soul II Soul was a huge influence down here.


Wow! I’m all over this

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