Lets hear your mixes

The edit on the interview is the hardest bit!

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A dedicated mix celebrating the music of Sade as you’ve never heard it before. Hip Hop, Dub, Drum & Bass and Deep House remixes and reimaginings curated by DJ LP, Sun 04 February 2024.


Tell me about it!

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New mix for Amsterdam’s Radio TNP :sunflower:


It was my turn to do a Free Association take over for Sam Don. Recorded during the coldest days of the Winter here in Helsinki, so this is a kind of getaway mix from that darkness and cold. Balearic, reggae, slow, easy, couple more obscure tracks. No secrets so ask if you need any track IDs.


nice one! enjoyed :slight_smile:

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Some great records in this, really enjoyed it.

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Moody deep dub tech sprinkled with lighter tones. Good for walking to or driving late at night

Long time lurker first time poster etc. (Hi @Apiento! Hi @Piers! I signed up after that lovely evening at Brilliant Corners)

Recorded 20+ years ago, and was one of my first uploads to this new thing called Mixcloud when it was in Beta.:

Sleep Mix

Follow up about five+ years ago:

Sleep Mix Two

Includes Chateau Flight remixes, K+D remixes, James Gang, Harvey Mandel, Santana when he was in his 70s Spiritual phase (an inspiration with the white suits for James Murphy of LCD), Vangelis, John Martyn, Carl Craig etc.
Part two has The Peddlers, Seigen Ono, Alice Coltrane, Nina Simone, Mike Francis, Gigi Masin, Johnny Pineapple & His Orchestra, Randy Newman etc.


Welcome! Still play lot of your old mixes, Sounds of the Canyons a perennial fave.


Thanks Gavin, for the welcome and the kind words!


Long mix recorded at The Blythswood Hotel in Glasgow from last weekend.

Some overground and underground bits. Take your pick.


Here’s a guest mix for the Dancing Dolphins crew out of Barcelona. Floaty bangers through to dance floor heaters :slight_smile:


Last week’s show - dusted off an old mix from the vaults - 2 hours, straight through, no talking.

Howler’s Balearic Breakdown Breakfast Show - 15th Feb - 1BTN

  1. Ruf Dug - Head Band Dub
  2. Leonard Cohen - Waiting For The Miracle (Alek Lee Edit)
  3. The Juan MacLean - Running Back To You
  4. Craig Bratley - Running To Paradise
  5. Der Sexa - Pava
  6. John Martyn - You (Haners edit)
  7. SIRS - Sasa
  8. DJ Steef - Triolisme (EDM Mix)
  9. Mushrooms Project - Riviera Corymbosa
  10. Gigi Flag - Nymphomaniac (Instrumental Version)
  11. Nick J. Smith - Palm Cove
  12. Preludio - Mysterious Nights
  13. PBR Streetgang feat Lily Juniper - Human Being (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s remix)
  14. Kolomensky - Santa Monica
  15. Fuga Ronto - L’Uomo Invisibile
  16. Copenema - Nada Mais
  17. Wawawiwas - Magic drops (Zuma Dionys Remix)
  18. Kalidasa - Sun Aki
  19. Dim Zach - Innocence
  20. The Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You (Alek Lee Tears of Weed Edit)
  21. The Aliens - Sunlamp Show (Disco Bloodbath Remix)

Listening sorted for my flight to San Francisco later.


That looks good… will give it a full listen later tonight

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The last track, which is a belter amongst a star-studded cast of tunage, should see you good from Boise to The Golden Gate Bridge. Bon voyage.

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Here’s the first 3 hours from our quarterly 'one of us: party from last weekend. Wrekin Havoc on the warm up handing over to our guest Logan Fisher (try outs)


This run was quite special as we came into land. Got the timing wrong but I do have to fly back so I’ll do better on Thursday.

  1. Nick J. Smith - Palm Cove
  2. Preludio - Mysterious Nights
  3. PBR Streetgang feat Lily Juniper - Human Being (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s remix)
  4. Kolomensky - Santa Monica
  5. Fuga Ronto - L’Uomo Invisibile
  6. Copenema - Nada Mais
  7. Wawawiwas - Magic drops (Zuma Dionys Remix)
  8. Kalidasa - Sun Aki
  9. Dim Zach - Innocence

Here’s a New Beat / Early Techno mix I did last week :