Lets hear your mixes

Here’s a guest mix that went out on Ibiza Sonica for the Balearia show this week x

Dancing Fantasy - Voodoo Jammin (Kinski Ambient House Mix)
Baril - Restart
Gold In The Shade - Over You
Fidelfatti - Just Wanna Touch Me (feat. Ronnette)
Banco de Gaia - Desert Wind (Interstate 101 Mix)
J.T. & The Big Family - Moments In Soul 2000
Thievery Corporation - Shaolin Satellite
TFM - Out of Bounds (Final Mix)
Fortran 5 - Midnight Trip (N29 Mix)
Bright & Morris - Mapenza
Pascal Moscheni - Piano Nostálgico


Anyone having issues with Mixcloud app on ios since it updated a few days ago?

Its knackered today apparently

For-hour mix recorded down on Music room in Melbourne. Right before Tornado Wallace. Not sure if anyone played there, but it has an amazing sound system. They have this 4 channel custom-made Condesa mixer, real good. Unfortunately, there is no playlist as we were improvising during the four hours. The playtime was 18-22. When we arrived there were only ca. five people. People started coming and started dancing around half the set. Good memories!


That’s the mixer: Mehdi El-Aquil on Instagram: "Just a few if this years builds so far! Some new updates are coming soon… 2012-2022, 10 years of Condesa!"

That Paper Street Soul track is so good, both Sophie’s mix and the original. Thanks for the mix, enjoying this

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put together some random things i’ve enjoyed in the past year to get me in the mood for summer

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I enjoyed that one! Thanks :slight_smile:

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ANOTHER ONE. For the Animals Dancing lot.


Hallo: Radio massive!

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Hallo:Radio Represented in Melbourne hehe :v:

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Here is also ANOTHER ONE haha. My latest episode at Refuge Worldwide, including records found down under. I also included the latest Shades of Sound Recordings (@Joe ) new release in there by my landsman Pau Roca. Ace! Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:
Some of the tracks played.

  • Machinations - The Letter
  • O.C. Smith – Baby Come Back
  • Chanté Moore - Love’s Taken Over (Soft And Warm)
  • Rico Sparx - Ay Ay Ay (What We Do For Love) (The Crown Mix)
  • Lani Hall - Es Fácil Amar
  • Celi Bee - For The Love Of My Man
  • Adriano Celentano - Il Re Degli Ignoranti (Good Block Edit)
  • Art Of Noise - Legacy (12" Version)
  • Louie Louie - Sittin’ In The Lap Of Luxury (Shep / Dizzy Acid Mix)
  • Marina Lima - Crianca
  • Źe Carlos - Venha
  • Carlos Dafe - Escorpiao - 1978
  • Fun-Fun - Give A Little Love Again (Extended)
  • L.C.G.C. - Overflow - (Special Mix)
  • Cassie Eller - Eles (Craig Ouar Edit)
  • Pau Roca - Mystic Nonsense (Joe Morris Mystic Energy Mix)
  • This is Calling you? - QRZ - 1991
  • Endgames - Desire - 1983
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Thanks for support mate

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Some of you may already know that Honey Bucket is an under-the-radar (fairly new and not on the high street) record spot in Hamburg. There’s currently a nice selection of 90s and early 2000s techno and electro in stock and I had the idea to invite someone in to pull a 2hr mix together, as it was a joy to see a lot of these titles in one place again. Not very balearic but hey, it’s friday. First half electro/pop and then it gets somewhat harder.

RIYL Ersatz Audio, Clone, NovaMute, Scandinavia, Sativae, Ifach, Missile, UR, Metroplex, Tresor, Synewave, Soma… you get the idea. Watch yer bass-bins. Soundcloud link.

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Latest Loose.fm show now 'pon da cloud:

W. special guest Chuggy


…and a little mix I did for the Borderless Grooves gang, global music:

Busy day for the mixes thread….

Here’s my latest Silver Rox effort for Loose.fm

Dub, Balearic, disco, new wave & house kind of vibes.


Some late night/early morning electronic action for the folks at Voices….

Here’s this morning’s show

Howler’s Balearic Breakdown Breakfast Show


Here’s April’s Shades Of Sound show. This month I was joined by Barcelona mainstay Pau Roca ahead of his EP on the label later this month

Coyote - Grown From Seed
Tropica - Monstera Deliciosa
Steve Cobby - The World And Your Place In It
Bokaye - Ethno Groove (New Age To Boyake Mix)
Pau Roca - Mystic Nonsense [Joe Morris Mystic Energy Mix]

Pau Roca Mix

Lone Saxon - Raised By The Island
Neimad - One Strobe, Fog Ambient
Volume - Passion (Tucan Discos Edit)
Paradise Presents Arikali - Out of the Jungle (Dancing Fllute Mix)
Good Block - In The 90s
Pau Roca - SS20