Lets hear your mixes

Nice one Reuben :slight_smile:

It’s quite a bleak day in New England and this is hitting the spot.


Was JUST listening to this, sounding so good! Love that BPT crew!


Mint this

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Yes! This is an edit by TP’s Piers and John Gomez coming soon on Duca Bianco. I’ve got a copy of the original but the vinyl is destroyed so I’m happy this edit is coming :slight_smile:

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Thank you Mike!

Interesting! It was causing quite a stir when @TheNightlark introduced it on the DJH forum. Didn’t realise @Piers and John Gomez were already editing it.

Uh oh. It’s not been edited already, has it? John sent me a file and it seemed pretty ripe for the chop as there’s fairly dodgy section, from memory, It’s also a little more DJ friendly now.

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@TheNightlark made his own private edit. Don’t believe there are any others out there. I bought the vinyl, ripped it and then sold it on.

It’s a great tune.


‘Ripe For The Chop’ should be the title of the next collection of edits someone puts out


I almost never do mixes these days but I’ve done a couple recently. First one here is all new age/yoga records/library stuff/modern classical, not a beat to be heard. I think this download should work (edit, it doesn’t, I’ll try and put on mixcloud).


Here’s yesterday’s show for 1BTN

Howler’s Balearic Breakdown Breakfast Show - 19th January 2023

  1. Jon Iverson - River Fen
  2. Brown Fang x Torn Sail – Exit [NuNorthern Soul promo]
  3. David Kitt - Sunday Morning
  4. Orange aka Shazz - Quarter 1: La Couleur [Fnac]
  5. Calm - Moonage Daydream [Hell Yeah?]
  6. Neumayer Station – Crossings [Claremont 56]
  7. Ali Renault - Piano For the people (Aihki remix) [Is It Balearic…? promo]
  8. Gnork - Epic Ride [Blorp Music]
  9. 10:40 -Tumbling Down [Higher Love Recordings promo]
  10. 10:40 -Ninety-Now [Higher Love Recordings promo]
  11. Roger Rönning - Det Händer Bara En Gång [RCA Victor]
  12. Tommy Kelvin – Jungle Bow Wow (Hysteric edit) [white]
  13. Maureen – Tu Me Tues (Hysteric instrumental edit) [white]
  14. Manuel Darquart – Shoreline [Planet Trip]
  15. Manuel Darquart - Porno Balearica [Planet Trip]
  16. Charlotte & Reinhard, WECANDANCE - Inner World [Music For Dreams]
  17. John Beltran – Em Trancoso (Oath)
  18. Athletes Of God x MSW featuring Lady Blackbird – Fontella (Crooked Man Version) [Foundation Music]
  19. James Bright - The Knight And The Sun (Pete Herbert Remix) [Music For Swimming Pools]
  20. Marsheaux - Ola Gyrizoun [Undo Records]
  21. GENTS - Young Again [Big Oil Recording Co]

If there’s an edit coming out I might try and pass it on again!

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Hey all!

Some time without posting a mix, but I believe this one might be interesting. I had the pleasure to invite to the studio Davin Underwood, a friend and the person behind the collective Isle of Wax. They are hosting parties and uploading quality records on their Youtube channel. Here in the forum we sometimes share their content!

In the show, I asked Davin about the project and also about Hamburg music scene. It was the first time “interviewing” someone so bear with my inexperience haha. Then we had a fun B2B with him, so no tracklist this time. I hope you fins it insightful! Cheers :slight_smile:


Looking forward to this, got a lot of mileage out of yours & Moonboots’ Balearic Spotify playlist.

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Did a first mix for a long time at the request of the Higher Love guys. Chilled & cinematic stuff.


  1. Kev Sheridan - When Does It End? (Featuring The Curly Organ)
  2. John Murphy - Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)
  3. Carl Cox - Phoebus Apollo (Intro)
  4. Mass Density Human - A Walk To Clear The Head
  5. 10:40 - Fin
  6. Audio Cluster - Transparent Interface (Plastic Fantastic Mix)
  7. Alan Dixon - Nightime Melodies (Piano Reprise)
  8. Martin Kohlstedt - AMS
  9. Leo Neelands - Tulips
  10. Mathew Halsall - Mindful Meditations
  11. Olafur Arnaulds - Particles
  12. Phil France - Transition
  13. Steve Hauschildt - Subtractive Skies
  14. B12 - Soundtrack Of Space
  15. Subjective - Landscape Portrait (Intro)
  16. Federico Albanese - Migrants
  17. Subjective - Landscape Portrait

Like the sound of this ^ is there a link :pray:

Particularly enjoyed the film soundtracks on there.


Nice one thanks!