Leeds October 28th - Places To Eat etc

I’ll be going down to Leeds October 28th for Chemical Brothers and looking for any tips for cool places to drink/eat and hang out through the day? Also if anyones in the know of any good parties taking place this night I would be very grateful! I checked RA and nothing listed is exciting me. Any recommendations? (Can delete this thread once I’ve got some good info. Cheers x

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Nah man. Keep the thread. Handy for everyone if they ever need Leeds tips…

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Go to The Laynes for lunch/coffee, it’s well good. On New Station St.

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Bit out of the loop since I stopped working there, but these were decent last time I checked:


Worth popping in to see what’s happening…

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What @Pauleast77 said for sure. But give me a bit and ill get back to you with further suggestions

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I would second Outlaws Yacht Club for drinks / hanging out. Eat Your Greens (next door to OYC) is great for food.

Leeds Market - The food hall in the market is really good and pretty cheap. Loads of street food but only open during the day. If you like Chinese food - Maxi’s Rotisserie is excellent. If oysters are your thing, check out Hayes Seafood. Super fresh oysters for £1.70 a pop.

North Bar and North Taproom are both good for drinks. North Bar is near the Arena too.

House of Fu - Good ramen and noodles.
Also has a record shop upstairs WithEgg that only opens on Saturdays.


Belgrave Music Hall. A bit studenty / indie, but a good day time hangout. Good roofrop if its dry. Near the arena too.

Headrow House. Sister venue to the Belgrave, and sort of a more upmarket version. Usually have decent DJs on

Project House, a new spot from from the same team.

Mommy Thai for authentic thai street food. Vicar Lane near the Arena

The Imaginarium might be worth a look for late
drinks / dancing. We’ve done a couple of parties there. Super small space with a nice crowd. Not sure whats on the 28th. Keep an eye on their Insta

Shame Cosmic Slop doesnt seem to be on although they dont really do promo but there might be something on at the venue (Hope House Gallery) so you can experience the sound system

Kirkgate has some good independent bars. Doghouse Bar & Bagel Shop always has good DJs

Also 212 Cafe & Bar

Sheaf St is the best spot for dancing really but not sure what’s on that weekend

If you’re totally struggling, Distrikt is free and always busy. Can be a bit of a tech bro hellscape but occasionally fun if you’re in the right frame of mind

Also Tribe for records:


Thank you very much for this man! I will be checking a few of those out

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Pleasure. Have a good one, I really fancied Chemical Brothers myself but I opted for New Order there instead last week

Cheers for those recommendations everyone! We went to the yacht club and the Imaginarium. Good times all around