Le Grand Fromage

Guilty Pleasures. Don’t be shy. Let’s hear them.

A few of mine:

I cant listen to this without thinking of Chris Morris’ ‘Four Lions’. Never got it until that moment.

Not seen this video before, seems to up the ante on the fromage front. Not my fave mix but hey, I love it!


Beyond cheese. But when the moment is right…


The unofficial Dundee United anthem, sung regularly at the matches so it’s fine in my book :grinning:


there is no greater opening line to a pop song than SEXY, EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU’S SO SEXY

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Never tired of listening to this

Blimey. Never heard that before. Slightly unnerving video.

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My mother has Alzheimers, one of the things that brings her out of it is music, so we listen to music together & she sings along, sometimes clicks her fingers & adlibs parts lol, its amazing how she can remember some lyrics to songs but not key events or people in her life.

Along with Motown, Elton John, Rod Stewart, The Beatles & Tina Turner, a Simply Red compilation seems to be one of her favourites, growing up I always thought Hucknall was a cornball but i gotta say he’s written (& covered) some cracking pop songs & i love these ones now & they will always remind me of her.


Wicked new beat with a terrible pop rap in the middle. I’ll play this anytime I can get away with it. The video is quite something also


no…just no

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Genius. The Ivor Novello is surely in the post.

Tbf I reckon there’s a decent dub mix of that out there somewhere.

Think the guy who produced that might, possibly have heard ‘Big Fun’ once or twice :smile:

There is, here.

I only didn’t post this version as it doent have the same fromage factor

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I do love a bit of Cathy

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Me too


I like that as well but Fonda Rae gets first place.

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I didn’t know it was a cover, everyday’s a school day.

Neither did I for years. To be fair she has written her fair share of very successful pop records for lots of different artists. Just not this one.

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Ha ha, thank you.