Ken Hidaka (Lone Star Tokyo) Japanese music special stream 11am today

This Thursday as part of the monthly Lone Star Tokyo residence, we welcome back Ken Hidaka to the Culture Trip weekly radio show, Ken will be at the controls for the 2nd hour with a beautiful selection of Japanese music and has provided some lovely images as well for the visual stream, As always lock into Music Box Radio UK from 10am (UK)
stream here

A bit about Ken Hidaka too in his own words, who works with BBE, wrwtfww, Time Capsule, Coastlines, Flower Records, Yasushi Ide, Mr. Bongo, Glossy Mistakes to name a few foreign labels and Japanese artists. Look out for some great Japanese music, old and new coming soon from these labels, etc. But as recently, guess most of you have been hooked on Tokyo for both summer Olympics, I thought it would be nice to do a mix of some of the new Japanese tunes that I love and have recently discovered of late. Also, look out for a very special article coming out soon about a mysterious Japanese electronic music legend that most of you know his music but probably don’t know much about due to him being quite a private person, shunning publicity. It will be out soon in a great online and print music publication.


Will this be available to listen to later?

hey yes the mix will be uploaded this week will send a link !

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Hey @MGG here is the recording from last week, Ken Hidaka Japanese music selections can be heard from one hour in. Culture Trip show recording with Ken Hidaka

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