Junglist Massive

I’ve been wanting to listen to some Jungle mixes lately but i haven’t really found any that’s grabbed me. Want that early 90’s classic sound or perhaps some quirky stuff but not the later jazzy snoozy. Hit me with your favorites!

@Doctorbrowncelray had a Mixcloud link to some early Fabio shows. This could be the ticket.

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if you like deep rollers, like what i do, check Randall’s show on Rinse FM

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Can you handle the Randall…


If you go to my library and look through my playlists you will find all of the good shithttps://www.mixcloud.com/oldmanyellsatcloud/

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Listening to Randall now, nice! But i was thinking like the tape or tapes everyone was playing back in 93 (or 94,95) that"s got all the classics in it.



Some of the 1995 business is utter gold. For me it’s Photek’s - Rings Around Saturn. Such a mesmerising piece of music, like all good electronic music - it sounds like the future.


Oh and Fabio and Grooverider’s R1 show was for me a goldmine of music with post pub sessions around my mates house when we could not afford to go out. Some of my pals were serious DnB heads and in turn I became one too. I also have so many great memories at the turn of the Millenium at The Custard Factory in Birmingham, incredible atmospheres dancing in front of DJ Zinc and Fabio in particular. Fabio was the consumate DJ, tight as anything in the mix and long mixes which meant that you could really get lost in his sets for hours and hours. I’d do anything to go back and hear (and smell!!) those heavy dnb nights.

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I’ve had a little D&B revival past couple of months. Lots of old Photek, Source Direct and the first Bukem Essential Mix show.

If you’re into D&B check out Over Shadow which has risen from the ashes of Moving Shadow. They are releasing some lovely stuff.


Ah, for variety of styles in one mix, back then I was listening to DJ SS and Dr S Gachet

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Peshay live at Metalheadz from 1997. Nice and nasty, such a killer set. Attended plenty of DnB in Liverpool and Manc back in the day but never made it to Metalheadz sadly.

Listen to it whilst reading this article…


Loads of stuff on this guy’s Soundcloud, his own mixes plus loads from back in the day


These are also good…





Should keep you rollin’ (pardon the pun) :wink:


I like your mixcloud. All over the place in a good way :blush:

Sounds like good times! I’m in Sweden and born in 79 so was very young when it hit. The upside was that one of the first DJs to play Jungle here was working at my school 92/93 and made a few really good mixtapes for me. I bought some stuff then but gravitated towards other sounds and sold most of my Jungle in 97 or 98, some of those records have become seriously sought after and expensive since. When i turned 18 and started going out i did go to some drum n bass nights (as it was called then) but the Stockholm dnb crew was so elitist and nonfriendly so i kinda lost interest.

Will try and see if i can find some of theirs!

This looks like what i’m after! Thanks will give them a listen.

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Yeah i remember i had a Moving Shadow comp at one point.

I’m a bit of a sucker for a bit of tearin’ Aphrodite and Micky Finn

I popped into see Mickey in Edinburgh one night I was up there… he had Conrad MCing for him:

“Don’t be alarmed by the way Micky plays his music… ‘es juss very good…”