Jive Turkey, again!

There was a recent Radio 6 programme on the club and it was a lesson in how to get it wrong.

Firstly it is hardly unknown, lots of articles have been written about it by people who actually went.

Which brings me to the presenters, hardly the most inspiring pair. There were some moments of hilarity ‘Riot in Lagos’ written we were told by someone who use to be in “Yellow Magic Light Orchestra” and when the club shut music like “Belgian Big Beat” was around.

It is fitting that Winston and Parrot couldn’t be arsed to go on.

A programme where people who actually went would be good, Andy Ward has done some good You Tube shows like this about Midlands clubs. Or even discuss other clubs that never get a mention that were important to House scene from 86 pre Acid in UK e.g Bennetts in Middlesbrough.

There seem to be a few of these things where people write about things they never went to. I heard an interview with the 'Loves Saves the Day" author and what a joyless moaner he was, glad I never bought the book. He had a bit of a pop at Matthew Collin for not mentioning The Loft in detail in Altered States, well MC did mention it as well as squeeze a lot more into one of the best books on club culture. And MC was dancing to House music since its arrival in the UK.


Ah Belgian Big Beat, wasn’t that a Frites Boy Slim and Simon Mayo collab?
Sorry, i’m waffling…


The Beebs coverage of the acid house era tends to be super cringey and embarassing. The ‘rave’ day that 6 trots out every year is awful. The same old obvious tracks by presenters who have to prented they were always into house is a special kind of hell.

You’re not buying into that then?
I don’t really listen anymore. I did once text in to Lauren Laverne to say that that ‘you’ve got the love’ was dull and obvious and can they stop it

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I’m not sure whether Lauren Laverne was an original raver being more of an indie kid? but she’s married to Graeme Fisher who certainly has a good background in acid house and was involved in some interesting projects early doors.

Are you referring to the Blessed Madonna show

At least they played Reginna Bell but it should have been in the middle of the set

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Yeah Lauren Laverne gets a pass.

When Steve Lamaq gets forced to play the same 10 indie dance records on rave day every year the whole thing is so trite and see through

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I find daytime week day six music mostly unlistenable - more than a hint of radio fab fm at times (Craig Charles is a funky Peter Powell).