Inability to do something on Ableton driving me mad - please help!

Hi folks

I use Ableton to make very elaborate DJ mixes - can be thousands of individual clips in the set.

One of the things I would love to do would be to be able to copy parts of those mixes, together with automation, and paste them into another set while keeping the automation. When I paste into a different set, all the automation has disappeared.

Doesn’t seem to be possible - have tried lots of different suggestions - it seems like the kind of thing that should be possible. Would save me hours and hours of heartache if I could crack this!

Only thing I can think of is to export the section to audio and then import it into the other project.

I think saving the clips as .alc files might preserve the automation. It might not be possible at all. It’s been a while since I opened Ableton.

Are you talking about copying part of the session into the same Live project, or into a completely new project?

Thanks. That’s actually the workaround I use but it’s far from ideal as all the automation data is lost which sucks.

That’s very interesting indeed. Looks like it might, at the very least, copy over all of the automation from a single channel - would definitely be a major step forward.

Will play around with it - thanks so much!!!

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Into a entirely separate project (whether new or existing).

Thanks to everybody for the responses!

Yeah it’s not great. Annoyingly, it feels like something that should be easy enough to do.