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looks like david sanborn has moved on to the next plane:

i’ll be honest, i’ve never really listened to his recordings and i mostly know him from either appearing pretty regularly on david letterman or from his late 80’s syndicated show. that era of jazz didn’t age particularly well considering many folks who appeared on that show were hoping to bolster sales for their “legend lap” around the track - everything seemed to have that bland sheen, and i associate sanborn with that sheen. i should give a few of those reruns a revisit, i’ll bet there were some pretty good performances that i shrugged off because they weren’t either classic post-bop or acid house-adjacent.

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I didn’t think I had any David Sanborn records but I just checked and found he played on these:


He was a cool dude, on a lot of good and not so good records. He came up in Paul Butterfield’s Blues Band, like on this record which I think is amazing:


I love this performance on so many levels… Bowies dancing, Luther, the sax. Just all of it…

Also here’s a rare tv appearance by Donald Fagen. This channel has loads of this show that Jools Holland did in the states with everyone from Pharoah Sanders to Daniel Lanois, Lou Reed and tons more…


Larry Page



Tony Murray: “We need a producer who says: ‘You’re not doing that; you’re fuckin’ doing this.'”

Dennis: “Did you do exactly what Larry Page said?”

Chorus: “Yep!”

Tony: “That’s how they had hit records.”

Reg: “Because there was just one fuckin’ mind on it – not fuckin’ seven or eight.”

Ronnie: “We didn’t even fuckin’ get a say in it – it was fuckin’, wham, it was in the can regardless. You reckon that was bad? Fuck me! One take, that’s it, finish. You never ‘ad a fuckin’ say – it was out. As weak and fuckin’ insipid we used to think.”

Reg: “We thought With A Girl Like You was fuckin’ terrible and let’s go and do it again. And that was the only fuckin’ time he let us fuckin’ have our way. And could we get anything fuckin’ better?”

Ronnie: “No.”

Reg: “Fuckin’ … the first thing he fuckin’ did was it.”

Ronnie: “All fuckin’ day. We went in there at nine o’ clock and we didn’t come out till, fuck, about three o’clock the next fuckin’ morning, and they had Mick Jagger, you name it, they were fuckin’ in there to try and make it better.”


Jools hosted Night Music with Sanborn himself

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Speaking of Sanborn, here he is again on Night Music alongside Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Toots Thielemans & Charlie Haden performing the classic tale of darkness that is Hey Joe

I didn’t even know they made music. Man got big balls tellin’ the Krays where it’s at.

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