ID a track, no audio, just written description


New here, great community, i came to read a few times but this is my first post. I thought this may be a good place to ask…

I came across a comment years ago on youtube below a Tranquility Bass track(They came in peace). This is the comment:

I sort of became obsessed with it… hours of searching, but could not find an answer. The Orb comes to mind obviously. Any idea of what that may be?


I’m pretty sure I have the track mentioned, and I’m sure it is The Orb but its name escapes me just now. There’s this but its not downtempo. There are multiple records with that same Neil Armstrong sample in them. Welcome by the way!

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This would just be too obvious right, sure the orb fans will have suggested it


Is it a political cover of Sabrina Johnson?


Thanks folks for your suggestions!
I don’t think that’s quite it yet, i don’t hear all the capcom samples mentioned in the screenshot. The quest continues… It’s gonna be a long one…

I have a vague memory of a track that used the “breathing again” sample.

Maybe worth a look here if you haven’t already:

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