I’m gonna need a rap playlist for this plane ride

I’m moving! Im moving! Aside from the engine of the plane, the only thing missing is a dope mix of rap and hip hop, which is what I’m looking for
Any takers?

My head pro shot is sideways but if you look at it from afar it sort of looks like the :crazy_face: emoji.
The emoji movie: coming to theaters 2003.

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Thank you, explains music forever.

Here’s a long playlist of early to mid 90’s US hip hop that I put together based on old mixtapes


Here’s my golden era playlist…


The bucket song
It’s not a game is my favorite song, sounds like that shit I do at home!!!

I’m gonna be ok, only to borrow another instrumental after writing or it’s a true freestyle and you’re skeeved ! One more dow the drain…

Day 16 - looking into flights now and also basking in this alternative! above and beyond with this slowed down version of my whole fucking urban blend of comics, sandcastles, and a pizza about the size of your head. It’s like survivor but I’m in ITALY!!!

And my golden era selection

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Jesus, one snakebite and my Spotify algorithm is all messed up.