I Am Trying to Disregard this Art Idea


If you’re not glued to the screen yet, you better hear about some of the nice people on this forum willing to risk it all…

Wednesday and still on it. Respect :fist:

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I know right :upside_down_face:

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It’s not my fault the internet “owns” me - literally! One testimony amigo! Songs without feeling. Words without emotion. My life is filled with answers and pieces, and you’re still debating Dr Dre? It’s so ironic, to even care when you’re already gonna suck more if I were to stay a rapper, but as usual with my posts here, I always manage to suck less every day.

I’m just “fighting” “the last 17 issues of mankind” (if I’m being a drama Queen/diva) and they’re not fucking back catalogues! They’re real fucking disabilities and I’m too fucking Balearic to put up with this debilitating loneliness! I’m still looking for only one track! I’m. 17!

PSAs: I’ve been in jails, institutions, AA, roadside with AAA, hospitals, and spas/saunas and I would choose spas/saunas plus roadside assistance as any sort of realm of thought over those with 100% accuracy. I’m getting every thing I want , I’m just trying to get thru the next few nights listening to some sad music and getting stoked. Y’all don’t know what it’s like! I’ve called hotlines cops and mostly Steve Lee has helped me more. It’s a real thing. :confused:
Long love Balearica. I will always be alright. I am just scared, don’t feel like existing much, it’s just so different for the angel of death who wishes she could just write the catcher in the rye, at the fucking very least, instead of living in that same idiotic tone. See how fucked up I am? Strongest man alive, also a happy Gilmore production.