Houghton Festival - Cancelled

Feel sorry for these guys. Cancelled again. I heard the first one was the best UK festival anyone had been to for ages. Saying that, I’m one of the ‘not sure I fancy going anywhere near a gathering’ crew right now…


Is that the one that’s rumored to have been cancelled because the core management team threw a massive party last weekend and all caught Covid? Allegedly

Well that was the rumour then the same person that started that said that definitely had nothing to do with Houghton. I thought they had funding to go ahead so I’m a bit confused. Shame whatever really as they are good ones.

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when I said “everyone at Houghton is going to get pinged”, this really isn’t what I meant


The first one was epic. Ended up there for the Saturday night by accident mid way through a family holiday. Mr Scruff/Weatherall/Optimo 4hr sets each in the Quarry from 5pm - 5am. Crawling back into the family vibe after that wasn’t a moment I look back fondly on though!

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What a shame. A few of us drove down for the 2019 edition which was cancelled in the morning it was due to start because of high winds.

I remember this story, they’d taken the whole Giant Steps rig there under a big tent too, right? I think there was even a little documentary on that on youtube.

EDIT: here:

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I miss Giant Steps. I went to so many parties there. It was like the perfect venue for people who are really into it across all ages and when the sound system was right it was really good.

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Yeh it was great. I noticed they’re doing some live shows at a new Hackney Bridge spot this summer.

Not quite the same thing but worth a look.

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Yeah I spoke to Amit on it. He said its like live bands and stuff with a dj in between and finishing around 9 but they can run later if they want…