Hi-fi dance party in Melbourne

For those down under, we’re throwing a Loft-inspired, community-centric dance party in Melbourne.

We’ll have four sweet-sounding Klipschorns underneath a disco ball in lovely old ballroom, playing across the musical spectrum from from late 'til later. There’s food for early arrivals, a bar, and an art-deco chill-out lounge. All are welcome on the dance floor!

If you’re around the city and interested – or know people who might be – send me a message and I’ll put you on the door. It’d be great to meet some Test Pressers in the flesh!


Hi there. I’m Sydney based, well done on putting together what looks like a thoughtfully and carefully put together event. I have a doo on myself that date, but in future, I’d be very interested in coming and having a look at it all. Sounds like you are on the same kind of wavelength as Free Up Soundsystem, something that I put together last year. Good luck with everything, welcome to the forum(if indeed you are new), and thank you for furthering the cause and being creative.


Great pic, good luck with it all :smile:

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Hey mate, would be great to have you along next time. Glad to know there’s a fellow sound system enthusiast in this neck of the woods!

Keep in touch :handshake:

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Great to see this happening! I’m from Melbourne and as a long-time Lucky Cloud Soundsystem party goer, had harboured a dream of setting up a Loft outpost in Melbourne if I ever moved home. I gather you probably connected with Colleen on her recent trip over? I wish you all the best! LSD

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