Help me ID some hihats

figure there will eventually be a massive track ID thread elsewhere but this seems more fitting for the production forum… anyway i’m racking my brain trying to figure out where else i’ve heard these hi hats. something about the subtle flange effect on them is sending me.

at first i thought it may have been from this but after listening i’m not sure.

anyway i’m asking because i want them so i can use them, lol. hence why we’re in the production forum. is it a break / drum machine / old sample pack? any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

not sure, for detective option, maybe reverse engineer his kit at the time of creation? 95/96? so was probably not DAW, drum machine? ASR? could be drum machine and pedal into desk or 4 track? or could just try recreating, hell u might discover something exiting and new :slight_smile:

also what are you using to make music?*I only ask to better imagine how said sound could be attained

whose kit? GU’s?

i’m using mostly ableton with a few old synths, DR-770 drum machine etc. i could easily program something that sounds like this but i want this break. know what i’m saying?

i’m pretty sure it’s a loop that has just been recycled a few times by various producers. i want to know the loop!

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sorry but its not something very special. Bit shiny because it’s probably 909. If you dont have any drum machine you can try Roland cloud. I felt same for Ray Charles What I’d Say’s hats. At least you can make this one. But I cant make those unfortunately.

ha…hihats can drive one insane. My favorite being the ones from Secret Weapon’s “Must Be The Music”.

But yeah, sorry I’m of no help on this particular one. Maybe hit up Splice

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Did you try ?

I think you’ll find these hats clean at the begining of thank you mum by st germain. my last two posts since deleted seem to link the incorrect track so just search for that on spotify

thank you for your reply but i don’t think that’s it. the open hihat doesn’t sound quite the same, unless i’m listening to a different version of the st germain track?