Hauls Found Today

The Sign (B side of Human League/Louise) is a total secret weapon.

Love that tune.


On my knees, on the street, never happier. More tales from the outer peripheries of dance music, intended for those with more than one bag of records to their name.

Enough £2 bargains to offset a couple of expensive ones from Jaki and Patrice Rushen.

Check out B side of Blancmange plus 52nd street for a rare and very strong find. Some of these records may go full circle to a younger crowd or remain cheese to the elders.


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“on our way to where” is a oddball electric b-side classic! i recently put it on an 80’s mix, always sounds good.

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Yes, totally out there b side and a reasonably easy find. You can always post a link to such a mix if it’s online?

ha it’s not that great - i was djing an 80’s club kid reunion party and did a practice mix of old synthy stuff we used to play way back when.


As if you can’t tell I’m very much going back to the disco era, forward to the synth pop era, filling in some Balearic early nineties stuff.

Loving the start of this mix already!

Just edited to say I love this mix, all great tracks and more added to my wants list.

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That Whitney is my rescue tune. Whenever I see it, I buy it. Got 10 easily downstairs, no idea why.

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Now that the cold mornings are rolling in I’ve officially deemed it to be the end of car boot season, so will post a round up of my best boot finds this year.



All for less than 2 quid each.


Wickett is a jam!


I’ve still got another few weeks of car boots here, weather allowing. Probably my best haul was 40 early breakbeat 12”s at a quid a pop back in April. Loads of 91/92 era classics. I’d sold every one on eBay within a week for a stack of cash so made enough from that to cover anything I’ve fancied for myself over the rest of the year without feeling too guilty …

I’ve actually sold the vast majority of my vinyl car boot finds this year, and bought quite a lot of CDs and books instead of records for a change, but here are some of the best records I’ve kept for myself since March.

[Carter Thomas – Sonoma (1985, Vinyl) - Discogs]

[https://www.discogs[It's Immaterial – House For Sale (2020, Vinyl) - Discogs]

[Candi Staton – I'm Just A Prisoner (1970, Jacksonville Pressing, Vinyl) - Discogs]

[Tony Vieijra – Work And Leisure (1982, Vinyl) - Discogs]

[Blossom Dearie – That's Just The Way I Want To Be (1970, Vinyl) - Discogs]

[Grupo De Experimentación Sonora Del ICAIC – Grupo De Experimentación Sonora Del ICAIC (1974, Blue Labels With Black Text, Vinyl) - Discogs]

["Karitsat" (The Sheep) – Jeesus-Rock! (1972, Vinyl) - Discogs]


Top find!

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Yep, was a surprising one as I found it in deepest Norfolk, arguably the least diverse place in the UK. It’s hard enough finding reggae records out here, let alone anything international.

Got into Indian Classical, Carnatic and Hindustani stuff a couple years back now, although I can’t say I’m too clued up on it.

I love it too, and have a lot of classical Indian music albums - most are from car boots!

Great finds jolyon and DistantWaves (Same Marvin Gaye album found today!)
Luckily today was good hunting on the way home from work.
I have edited out todays more common finds to save space. Everything was £1 with two at £2 and a couple of pricey ones (but good) at the end with Work Song and Hypnotic Tango to liven you up for the weekend…maybe.


Did you find hypnotic tango in the wild or was it the reissue?

French pressing, came from ex Polydor France A&R mans collection. I went through a box quickly today which needs to go out soon, if you have anything on label on your wants I may be able to remember if it’s in there? I can also PM you the shop who has a Discogs.

Just a quick edit, my Discogs links are to the specific version I pick up, viewers of this thread can have a rummage about on Discogs for a different region or if a re-issue is out there. Hope that helps.

Love that Christine Lewin 12”

Pairs with my Juicy Fruit 12. Yesterdays are all from shops, quite a head spin as all the good stuff is the street bins and I can’t move for finds at the moment.

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