Has anyone got

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I have all the Balearic comps (BLRC1LP, BLRC2LP, etc… 3 and 4) on the Balearic Label, but never downloaded the digital LPs. Each package came with a card with a download code per LP, with you needing to collect from www.balearicrecs.com. The domain went down a few years ago.

Did anyone download theirs? Can you please share? With my back, carrying around LPs every gig is starting to be a bit of a task. Pen drives have been a godsend!


That link doesn’t make sense to me.

I believe the domain simply wasn’t renewed a year or so after it was set up. It can now be purchased via GoDaddy.

Are these the ones you mean?

Digital on Bandcamp or CD on Discogs for 4 quid.


That’s the one. A right bummer, that I’ll have to fork out £10.80 x4 for the LPs.

I should have downloaded them all when I bought them (before the domain went down)


Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I’m looking for a copy of Todd Terje – Greatest Edits:

Todd Terje – Greatest Edits

It’s my 40th birthday in August and thinking of hiring some decks and a decent sound system and playing some of my favourite records in the garden to a few friends and family - would love to play the Todd Terje edit of Chic’s ‘I Want Your Love’ but it appears to be banned from Discogs as it wasn’t officially released.

If anyone has a copy they are willing to sell, or even a digital rip they would be willing to share then I would be eternally grateful.


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Here is a rip.


stonecold classic! so many fond memories. someone did mix it in with moodymann once for what felt like eternity and it sounded amazing


I’ll bet, it does sound like the Moodymann version blended with the Dimitri from Paris edit but also brings something completely unique to it too.

Absolute legend! Thank you so much!

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Let me know if you still need this, I might be able to help with 3 x of them.

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Hello mate. Thanks. I’ll DM you :+1:

I’m getting married in a couple of weeks and am after a copy of the Todd Terje edit of Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing. Can anyone help me out?

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Sorry haven’t got that one.

Found a stack of TT edits on an old hard drive.
Here you go, and congratulations.


I’m on a bit of a scrounge for some popular edits/remixes for my 40th Birthday in August, if anyone has WAVs of any of the following and can help me out I would be eternally grateful:

  • Blamma Blamma - Beyond 17
  • Chaka Khan - I’m Every Woman (Dimitri from Paris Remix)
  • Late Nite Tuff Guy - Bless The Rains
  • Girls On Top - I Wanna Dance With Numbers

Thank you

good quality 320


Amazing! Thank you - such a good version!

Have been collecting some bits and pieces of vinyl only releases and am in the process of ripping to digital - happy to share any that may be of interest.

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Anyone got Tedd Patterson’s take on Bjork - Hyperballad?

Either to sell or share?

Here’s the others (I only have a 320 of Blamma Blamma, but it sounds okay, I think):