Has anyone got

Hi there

I have all the Balearic comps (BLRC1LP, BLRC2LP, etc… 3 and 4) on the Balearic Label, but never downloaded the digital LPs. Each package came with a card with a download code per LP, with you needing to collect from www.balearicrecs.com. The domain went down a few years ago.

Did anyone download theirs? Can you please share? With my back, carrying around LPs every gig is starting to be a bit of a task. Pen drives have been a godsend!


That link doesn’t make sense to me.

I believe the domain simply wasn’t renewed a year or so after it was set up. It can now be purchased via GoDaddy.

Are these the ones you mean?

Digital on Bandcamp or CD on Discogs for 4 quid.


That’s the one. A right bummer, that I’ll have to fork out £10.80 x4 for the LPs.

I should have downloaded them all when I bought them (before the domain went down)