Harvey @ The Troxy

Anyone going? I am.

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Yes I’ll come and say hello if I spot you.

Wicked! I think it’ll be fun.

I’m out of town or would have been all over it. Have fun! Await the reports with the usual fevered interest Harv generates

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Never been to the Troxy. I hope it’s not a sloped floor like at most theatre venues. That always annoys me. Other than that I’m easy to please.

Yeah it’ll be fun I think. Really looking forward to it. As piers and myself were saying - he’s the one DJ that lots of different people will go out to see so its always a nice social one too.


I wish.
Have a great night!!

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Normally, I won’t miss a Harvey London show but circumstances are forcing me to sit this one out Have fun!

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Alas, away at my folks. Have a blast!

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As ever was super fun. Loads of good people and a nice mix of young ones too.


Looks great, had to sack it off, in the end, due to parental football duties. Any special moments/records?

Sort of what you expect really. Good start and then lots of noise and edits abs dubby stuff. Some little breakbeat things and then some big disco moments. Played long after tonight is all over and some really nice stuff. Was just really enjoyable.