Harry Thuman's Underwater/The House Sound of London Vol 4

In this Twitter/X thread on proto-hi-nrg tracks someone pointed out that Harry Thumann’s Underwater is actually on London Record’s The House Sound of London Vol 4: The Jackin’ Zone. Now I know House and Disco are a bit of a continuum, but it still looks pretty anomalous. Anyone know why it’s there? Was it being spun at some London balearic clubs? Is it because it was on Mirage’s Jack Mix IV ?

It was played at early Acid House clubs in London though I don’t know who was first to play it out in that context.

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It does appear a bit out of place compared to the others!
I think it was big at Spectrum
It was one of the ones Baldelli played at 33 rather than 45
( I read that here Wrong-Speeding: A Brief History of Records That Sound Good At The Wrong Speed - Attack Magazine)


I recently found this ‘acid’ remix of Underwater but I think it was recorded many years later

The original caused pandemonium on every dancefloor where I heard it. Fond memories of one of your lasermagnetics @Neilo :joy:


It was indeed.

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Definitely heard one of DiY crew play Underwater around '91 too…

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