Hang Ten - The Surf Thread

@Gavin posted this wicked video below and was saying there’s no surf thread… I love a surf video so here we are…

“Talking of Stacy and seeing as we don’t have a surf thread.” :v:

In addition to Gavin’s post I watched this recently and it was superb…


Some of the stuff these people do is absolutely incredibly. Its never ceased to amaze. I’m a very low level old grommet, or was, not been for a few years now and fear I’m too old to get back what limited skills I manage to acquire.


I haven’t made it yet in winter when it goes off, but the biggest waves in the world are at Nazare, Portugal. Mind blowing - surfing lunatics only need apply.

There’s a whole series on this on Sky about how it all happened there. It’s brilliant.

Whats that called? Would like to watch.

I think it was called The 100ft Wave.


Cool, thanks man.

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Competitive surfing isn’t really my thing, but this heat at Pipeline on the North Shore was mental in the extreme. So heavy I can’t even fathom how they do it. The wave breaks yards from the beach onto the the gnarliest reef. Mindboggling.

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My fave spot, when i surfed a fair bit in the 80’s and early 90’s, was Lagundri Bay, Nias, a 12 hour boat journey off the west coat of Sumatra. I guess its pretty popular now, but when i first went in '91, there was only a handful of Western surfers. We got stuck there for a couple of weeks as the ‘ferry’ (a rickety wooden fishing vessel, crewed by a load if drunk 12 year olds), sank whilst we were out there. You would rent a board from a local for a week, surf, put it in your beach hut, then the local kids would nick it back, so youd have to rent it again. Proper little racket they had going on :rofl:. There really was nothing to do but surf and drink Indo whisky, in 40⁰ heat.

Not my video (we lost a load of film somewhere in Malaysia), but this gives you a flavour of what the island was like back then.

Nothing compared to these nutters though