Hamburg record shops

I’ve got a couple of hours spare for record shopping in Hamburg next week. Which 2/3 shops would I do best to check?

Second hand stuff, house, balearic, left field dance, reggae etc etc

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There’s someone who lives in Hamburg on here…

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I believe @nichols2309 is the Hamburg tour guide.


^^^^ thats the one!

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Hey yeah, that’s me! (although I recently moved to Berlin)

So there are many nice places in town. The ones I recommend:

  • Platenrille: Great second and shop of all kind of music but electronic, a lot of soul, jazz, rock, reggae, etc. Great section of cheap maxis. You will find something there for sure, it’s great.

  • HoneyBucket: Run by Simon (also in the Forum), you will find all sorts of (mostly second hand) music in his nice little shop. He has a lot of unsorted stuff that you can gladly go through if you have the time. Every time I go back to Hamburg I pass by and always get something nice and at a very fair price. Drop him a message if you want to stop by. @HoneyBucket

  • Remoto Records: Smaller and newer record shop, sucesor of Smallville Records, that focuses on electronic music. Both new and second-hand. Fair prices on the second-hand section.

Let me know if you want some more specifics, I will be happy to help. :slight_smile:


Not a record shop but if you’re in Hamburg, Miniatur Wonderland is amazing, totally split my head open. At the risk of going full Partridge its the world’s largest indoor model railway.

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Thanks everyone!

Hi @Piers give me a nudge if you want to come by. I’m a little bit off the radar but the people who find me are always happy. Instagram: honeybucket45 for more info.


Nice one @nichols2309

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